Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend of Showers

Saturday morning I headed over to the west side of Michigan for the shower hosted by Andrew's Mom, Kathy, and three of his four sisters, Liz, Katie & Molly. They hosted a lovely luncheon and party at their home. The weather was beautiful and many of their friends attended and showered Amber and Andrew with many

lovely gifts and well wishes. Many of these ladies had known "Andy" since he was a
small child and it was fun hearing them talk about him. I know Amber and Andrew were overwhelmed by their generiosity. Later that afternoon Amber and I drove back to the east side to prepare for our hometown shower. I had baked 3 dozen or so cookies on Friday and I needed to get home and decorate them! With a little help from Howard we finished and fell into bed, exhausted from the day!

Katie, Kathy & Amber

Megan, Amber (with her ribbon bouquet) & Nicole at Andrew's family home.

Sunday morning we were up early to get
things ready to go for the Bridal Luncheon.
Nicole, Megan and Liz came over early to help load the car and head over to Oakhurst Golf & Country Club for the luncheon. The set-up went quickly with so many people helping and the room looked lovely.

Amber waiting for her guests.

Megan, Liz, Amber & Nicole

Andrew came later to kiss the ring!

Prize bags for the "games" and our
Wedding Cake Cookies

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