Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot, sticky and very busy time...

It all started last Wednesday when Quinn and Amber flew into town! I took Thursday off from work but we weren't really able to do much. Quinn had been sick during the night and threw up several times, Amber had to work and it poured down rain all day long!

We still found a little fun though. Quinn and I listened to Beyonce's Single Ladies many times over!

Friday I went back to work and Amber and Quinn headed over to the west side of the state to hang out with Quinn's other Grandparents and various aunts, uncles and cousins! It just wasn't her weekend though because she ended up at urgent care over there and was diagnosed with an ear infection and swollen throat! Just not her weekend!

Saturday and Sunday we just spent around the house but did manage a trip out to the garden to finish planting some veggies and our marigolds. We also did a little weeding but I think whatever weeds were trying to come up drowned last week with all the rain we had!

Amber and Quinn came back on Monday, Quinn was feeling better and we made up for lost time! It was a really hot day so we decided it would be a good time for Quinn to have her first ride in the Mustang with the top down.

We were desperately trying to find a park with a baby swing but instead found a water park.

Quinn and Grandpa took a quick stroll around but it wasn't really her thing plus we didn't have her bathing suit. We decided next summer or the one after might be a better time for this place.

When we got home we decided it was a good time for another first. Quinn's first popsicle.

She liked it so much she had another one a little while later!

There's always time for a little puppy love on the deck!

The deck turned out to be a pretty fun place. You can watch the birds and chipmunks.


Your best friends can join in the chipmunk watching with you.

All too soon the fun was over. Quinn and Amber left this morning to head back home. Quinn learned to go up and down the stairs this trip. And let me tell you, this girl is quick. She would disappear and in just the few seconds it took to go see where she had gone she was up those 15 stairs! The child as no fear!

Come back soon girls! We can never get enough of you!

Only 6-1/2 more days of school!!

Have a good week!


Lynilu said...

I love the picture of the cold nose in the armpit causing a little involuntary reaction!

Sorry Quinn was sick, but it looks like the weekend was fun anyway. Aren't babies wonderful? :)

Deb said...

Yes, they are Lynilu! She rallied pretty well and was lots of fun!