Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rough Week...

The weather has been crazy this week. We had thunderstorms several nights and when that happens Charlie doesn't sleep and therefore I don't sleep. He vibrates and pants and is up and down on the bed. Some of the storms seemed to take hours to leave town. Rough.

Thursday was the day I was on the committee to interview our new principal. It was interesting and at the end I was exhausted. I hope we picked well. We had to choose our top 3 and some of us struggled with that.

Friday night was our last bowling for the season. We ended up in 7th place which is about the middle of the pack. Our winnings were just enough to pay for dinner after bowling at Outback.

We had two really hot days this week. Thursday and Friday the temps were up near the 80's. I even turned on the air conditioning Thursday when I got home from school. It didn't last though and Saturday morning there was rain forecast for the rest of the weekend and much of next week.

It's been much colder too with temps in the 50's and low's even colder, near 40. I was really hoping to make it out to the garden and plant some of my veggies but it was just too soggy.

Instead they still sit on the porch. Maybe next weekend.

The tulips are finally blooming though. They look so pretty. I only wish I had removed the dead annual grass before they started.

And my dogwood is trying to bloom. I'm not sure if this tree is going to do very well this year. The flowers and leaves seem pretty slim this year.

The birds are everywhere. They empty the feeders almost as quickly as I fill them, with a little help from their friends, the squirrels.

On Saturday I called the vet to find out if there was something I could get to help Charlie with this anxiety he has during thunderstorms. Someone at Bunco the other night told me there was a drug that really helps. The vet called back to tell me I could pick up the scrip and have it filled at my local pharmacy. It's a generic Prozac-type drug and even the pharmacist said she has given it to her dog and it helped.

I thought we were going to have a storm Saturday night so I gave him one but the storm never quite made it here so I don't know if it worked or not but I did waste one pill!

Zoe was very disappointed that because of the continuous rain there was no trip to the park this weekend.

Not happy at all.

Only four weeks until summer vaca!!

Have a good week!


Lynilu said...

I hope the doggy med works for Charlie .... and for you! I tried it and found that it didn't soften the fear, it merely made the poor pup too groggy to do anything. He continued to shake and looked at me with such pathetic eyes.

I feel so sorry for them. They don't understand and you can't explain. Fortunately my current storm-struck pup is Jazi, a 10 lb size who I can easily hold and cuddle.

Deb said...

I hope so too Lynilu. My pharmacist said it worked for her dog, just made him calm but not groggy. Even when I hold him (if he will even let me) it doesn't help. He's in a complete panic! I am keeping my fingers crossed!