Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May! :-)

There's nothing much new this week and I almost just blew off this post completely. But when I started to think a little I decided there were a few things to blog about but no pictures really.

Friday night was our last night of real bowling, position night. We were in 7th place and fought hard for 3 points. We could end up anywhere from 4th to 6th, hopefully. We bowl again in two weeks but that will just be for fun. It will be 9-pin No Tap which is a good game for me since at least half of the balls I throw can knock down at least 9 pins! I should have a super high score!

Saturday morning H and I headed out to the farmer's market. Since it was the last day of April I was hoping people would start bringing their seedlings, etc. There wasn't much there at all. A few people had some herbs but I'm not ready to put those out yet so I figured I could wait a bit. I decided to head out to the local nursery after that to see what they had. I had a little better luck there. They had lots of lettuce so now I have my porch lettuce out.

I also picked up some broccoli and cucumbers and a few tomato plants. It's still too early for the cucumbers and tomatoes but I was really hoping to get the broccoli planted out in the garden.

So, out to the garden I went today. I was hoping by now the deer fencing would be up. I received an email about a month ago saying they were starting it. When I got out to the garden this afternoon there was no sign of any progress of any kind. Well, I take that back. It looks like they had built some compost bins in a very inconvenient location, far from the gardens (whose idea was that?) but no sign of fencing, new or old. When I got to my plots I could see recent evidence that the deer having been meandering through my section of the garden as there were all sorts of footprints through both my plots. So, I wasn't able to plant the broccoli or lettuce I had but I did plant carrot and radish seeds. I also turned over both plots and that took about an hour and I will definitely feel that pain tomorrow. I hope the lettuce and broccoli will keep another week and hopefully they will make some progress on the fencing by then. After all, it's May 1, time to get planting!!

The pups got to get out for a little frisbee both days. They were so happy.

Zoe has been worrying me a little lately though. Yesterday after we got home she was walking very stiff-legged and slow. She goes full bore at the park and then walks like an old lady.

I guess now that she's 7 and officially a senior citizen I'm gonna have to take it a little easy on her.

So, that's pretty much it. Oh wait, I haven't really talked about the weather!! What would a post be without weather-talk. We've had lots of rain and a few nights of thunderstorms. Last night Charlie was acting like we were having thunderstorms. He woke me up a few times panting and shaking but I never did hear anything that sounded like thunder. It's supposed to rain this next week too and be mostly in the 50's. It's time to have a little more warmth!! The good news is the trees are starting to bud out a bit and everything is looking pretty green. And the peepers are still peeping at night.

Have a good week!

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Lynilu said...

One of the dogs I used to have, Ali, could sense storms hours ahead of the actual storm, and sometimes he acted nervous for 18-24 hours ahead. Perhaps Charlie is developing that "skill."

It's sobering to recognize those signs of aging, isn't it? I see some of it in Joey, and it saddens me. It's hard to believe he is 9 years old, but I've had only 3 with him. He's such a charmer!