Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy June!!!

It's finally June and it's feelin' like it! It's been a warm week but not unbearable. Yesterday was a different story, hot and sticky. Now today not as bad but still very warm, 80's. These next few days though the weather will be in the high 80's and without air conditioning at school it will be very warm.

Now that the weather report is out of the way we can move on. This last week was the last week we worked with students. Next week will be mostly finishing up paper work and packing so our room can be moved. I'm not sure if that will be at the beginning or end of summer but I'm pretty sure I won't be there for it.

This little bugger has been quite a pest this week.

It's bad enough that he gets into my bird feeder all the time but then he also drained my hummingbird feeder. The final straw was pulling it off the hook and throwing it on the ground! Little rat! The only way I was able to keep him away was by soaking some paper towels in vinegar and wrapping them around the bar on the feeder. He didn't seem to like that at all. I haven't seen him now for a few days.

Today I went with a friend on a tour of wonderful homes in our town. There were 5 homes, 2 old ones and 3 newer homes. One was quite spectacular. It was on 100 acres very close to town. There was a beautiful horse barn and indoor riding arena. We were told that the owners had 16 horses but only 8 were there right now because the other 8 were being taken up north to the owner's private island. Ok, must be nice! Anyway, we had a nice time together and I really enjoyed the day!

When I got home H and I ran out to the garden. With all this hot weather I wanted to make sure my seeds were coming up and nothing had died. The tomatoes aren't looking all that good yet. The Master Gardener tells me that the nights are still too chilly for tomatoes to thrive. The potatoes are looking pretty good though.

I seriously need some straw though.

The carrots and radishes are doing well too. The broccoli was just starting to get the little heads started.

And look at this beauty!

I had it in my salad for dinner tonight! We watered everything and then left. The big garden plant is next Saturday.

When we got home from the garden I took the pups where they had been wanting to go since early Saturday morning! To play frisbee!!

It didn't take long to tucker them out and we were soon on our way back home.

Only 4 more days of school; 3-1/2 with kids. Then Friday morning I am on my way to an adventure for the next week! More about that later. :-)

Have a good week!


Nicole said...

Is that raccoon photo for real? That could be published, it's amazing (even if what it does to your yard is decidedly NOT amazing)!

Happy birthday!

Deb said...

Yes, he's quite the little booger! He gets up in the bird feeder and when I go out to shoo him away he sits in the tree and stares at me!
And this is in broad daylight!! I thought racoons were supposed to be nocturnal!