Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brief Break in the Weather...and a really good week

After so much rain I thought we might need to start building an ark, Friday started off dry enough so we could have Field Day at school at least! It was actually quite warm out in the field if you stood out there long enough.

I also got three pieces of great news on Friday. First we found out that our ESL department made 100% for our spring testing. The other girls said they had never achieved that in the past years. Then I found out that the student I tutor every morning and work with throughout the day, moved up 4 levels in reading! That's amazing. Then at the end of the day we found out who our new Principal will be next year and she was definitely in my top three! It was a really good week!

Saturday morning we headed to the Farmer's Market early. I wanted to see if we could find some more broccoli plants and as a bonus we found two hanging baskets for a great price. At our neighborhood nursery the baskets were $24.99 each. At the farmer's market they were 2 for $28. And look how beautiful they are!

Later in the day I headed out to the garden while H and Scott worked on cleaning the patio furniture and power washing the deck. It was really hot out at the garden and thankfully the the deer fencing was up! I got lots planted but left a little room for a few more things. I planted tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli, zucchini and cucumbers. My potatoes, radishes and carrots are coming up nicely.

Today is really warm. This afternoon when I took the pups up to the field my car thermometer said 84! We are expecting thunderstorms later today and that will cool things off a bit. Next week is only expected to be in the high 60's most of the week. This weather is crazy!

We are all looking forward to this coming week. Our little sweetie, along with her Mommy, is coming for a visit.

They will only be here a day and two nights then head over to the west coast to visit the other grandparents and some of Andy's siblings and Quinn's cousins. Then they will come back this way on Monday and fly back home on Tuesday. It will be nice to spend even a little time with them!

These two are ready!

Park anyone??

Only 3 more weeks of school! WooHoo! All the year end activities are coming up so it's really feeling like the school year is almost over. This is my last week traveling to other buildings and soon we will start packing up our room. We are expecting to move across the hall to a bigger room for next year. Fingers crossed!

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! 4 Levels of Reading! Good job Student and Teacher!