Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Signs of Spring...and Happy Easter!

First, Happy Easter. We don't do as much around here to celebrate as we did when the kids were little. I bought Scott a chocolate bunny, H some Almond Joy eggs and only made a slight effort at an Easter dinner. I did make these today since we had some extra eggs.

And we had some leftover ham in the freezer to I warmed that up and made these! I just love popovers!

So we had a pretty decent weekend, for late April. Late April, I can't believe it's late April already. Only one more week until MAY! The sun was in and out and the temps were in the high 60's. We had thunderstorms Friday night which I might have slept through except Charlie was panting and vibrating so neither of us got much rest.

Saturday H broke out his baby and took it for a couple drives.

Then he helped me in the yard and we got a couple flower beds cleaned out and got the rose bushes trimmed back.

Then I saw this.

And this.

And when I finally saw this today

I knew Spring had really sprung and things were only going to be looking up from here on in.

I took the pups to the high school field on Saturday and today. Yesterday was a little soggy and they came back with wet, slightly muddy paws. Today was a little better and they had loads of fun!

So that's it for this week. Countdown to May!!

Have a good week!


Lynilu said...

I like the pictures! And the dogs look very happy to have grass rather than ice and snow under their feet!

Deb said...

Yes, the dogs much prefer the grass to snow and ice, Lynilu! It sure greened up fast!