Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May!

It was a beautiful week here in Michigan. It was warm and sunny (again). It was so nice that I decided to take Wednesday off (another mental health day). I had a few things I wanted to accomplish that day but really it was mostly about just enjoying the day, the sun, the weather. It's so nice to see the birds and flowers returning.

The Goldfinch have finally put on their yellow feathers.

Our Dogwood tree is finally blooming.

I think the blossoms might have gotten a little nipped by last week's frost. The flowers are still beautiful though.

The pond is mostly covered with pollen. That could explain why my allergies are going crazy lately. The geese have also taken advantage of the lodge that the muskrats built last winter and have built their nest right on top of it. I'm hoping that means we will have some little gosslings swimming around soon.

I went out to the garden on Wednesday. Nothing much was happening though they had managed to put up the deer fencing. I decided to plant some radish and carrot seeds while I was there.

Under the straw are my onions and potatoes. Some nice garden samaritan put some covering over my lettuce plants when we had a frost.

When Howard and I went out to the garden today we were happy to see the onions have started coming up. I also removed a little straw from the potato patch and they are coming up too. My radish seeds had also sprouted and were just breaking ground. It will be another week or so for the carrots though.

I took the pups to the high school field today for some frisbee. I had hoped to yesterday but instead I was able to get an afternoon pedicure and then I couldn't put my tennis shoes on to take them. It rained quite a bit yesterday morning so I'm sure the fields were wet. At least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't feel so guilty. They had fun today but pooped out pretty quick. It wasn't especially warm, only in the high 60's, but it was pretty humid and they didn't last long.

This evening, about dinner time, we had a pretty good batch of thunderstorms roll through and Charlie was freaking out. Now he's starting to associate rain with the thunder so even if it just starts raining he starts shaking in anticipation!

Wednesday was also the day Tyler left on his great adventure. He called me from the airport in Honolulu and said he was there and expected the flight to be on time. I said lots of prayers that night at bedtime for safe travels for him. The next morning I was thinking about him, wondering if he had made it ok, when I received a text saying he had made it to Seoul and would text me again when he got to Masan. I guess he got busy after that because I didn't hear from him again until later that night. He had already seen both his schools, his apartment and was going to have his orientation the next day. Unfortunately he doesn't have a computer with him since all he had in Hawaii was a desk top computer so now he will have to wait until he gets his first pay check so he can buy a laptop. At least that way I'll be able to get email from him and find out what's going on. However, because I was dying to know what was going on and get more details, I finally gave up and called him Saturday morning, which was Saturday night for him. He was spending the day organizing his apartment and resting up as he was feeling pretty jet lagged. We only talked for 10 minutes but at $1.99 a minute it was long enough! At least I got to hear his voice and assure myself that he was ok. He says he can't wait for school to start on Monday so he can get started. So, about now, he should be either in school or on his way. Korea is 13 hours ahead of us so it's around 9:30 Monday morning there right now. I'm hoping he may have access to a computer at the school and can write and let me know what else he's been doing. He did say he's had to be very careful about food there. He's allergic to shellfish and since he can't speak Korean he can't ask if there is shellfish in what he's eating so he's trying to stay away from things that might contain shellfish. He found a bakery around the corner from his apartment and has been eating bread and some kind of pastry. He figured that would be fairly safe. Now if he can find a jar of peanut butter he'll be ok! I wonder if they have peanut butter in Korea?

Friday night we had bowling. All four of us were there since it was position night and we really needed Bill and his awesome bowling skills. We had to give the other team over 60 pins so we really had to step it up. The first game went well and I bowled a 151. I also won Mystery that game and $22! The second game was closer. I think we only won it by 7 pins! Way too close for comfort. Bill bowled over 200 that game but that was my lowest game. I don't think I even got my average. The last game was pretty close too but we did win it and took total pins too so we ended up with 4 points. After checking the other teams, I think we will probably end up in 4th place or maybe in a tie for 3rd. Only one more bowling now and that will be fun night where we play 9 pin, no tap. That means if you get 9 pins down it's the same as a strike. Of course when we usually bowl I do that all the time but when we play 9 pin I can't do it no matter how hard I try!

Quinn is handling day care a little better though she still won't take a nap much. Amber said she takes a couple short (20 minute) naps and that's it. She's also coming down with another cough/cold! :-( I hate it when she's sick! I hope this one doesn't last too long. Here she is with one of her favorite toys, bunny puppy. I guess she likes it because it's pretty easy for her to hold on to and she can stuff parts of it in her mouth. She's getting so big. I wish we didn't have to wait another 4 weeks to see her again.

But when we do see her we'll get to see the whole family. Quinn is bringing her Mommy and Daddy to Michigan to visit family over Memorial Day weekend! It will be her first plane ride too. How fun will that be??

Have a good week! It's supposed to be sunny and warm here. Figures.

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