Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally, some decent weather...

Yes, it's been gorgeous this weekend! I took Thursday off for another mental health day and it poured all day long. On Friday the sun came out and it was beautiful, though a little cool. Saturday was sunny and a bit warmer and so was today! Finally!! This is the first dry, sunny weekend we've had in almost a month!

Friday night was our last bowling and the "Fun Night". On Fun Night we play 9-Pin, No Tap which means that if you bowl a 9 on your first ball it counts as a strike. I couldn't throw many of those and my score ended up being below average for all 3 games. I guess I was just finished. Our team ended up in 4th place though only 2 points out of second. I guess that wasn't bad since most of the season we bowled with only 3 people instead of the usual 4. Our team won just a little over $100 and after we split that it was just about enough to cover dinner afterwards.

Saturday morning we headed out to the farmer's market to try to score some more plants for the garden. Howard wanted to take the Mustang but it was a little cool on the ride there so we kept the top up.

I was disappointed that the lady I had been to a couple weeks ago, that I was hoping to come back to and buy plants from, wasn't there so we only ended up with a few veggies. I did score some Black Cherry tomatoes though. Can't wait to see what they look like. On the way home we put the top down but it was still a little cool but at least it was sunny. When we got home we decided to head out to a nursery that's a ways from home. I had only been there once on a Kindergarten field trip a few years ago but I had heard good things about it. It was a nice drive out there and we weren't disappointed once we got there! We got all kinds of good veggies. I will definitely be going back there again.

Zoe thinks I need to add a few more flowers to this pot.

I spent the rest of the afternoon planting things in pots, window boxes and even a few things in the ground.

Then we sat out on the deck and enjoyed it!

They had this beautiful Martha Washington geranium too that H really wanted for this beautiful Isabel Bloom pot that's been gathering dust in the garage.

I used to have it in the house but since I only keep a few house plants now I don't keep anything in this pot. The fact that it doesn't have drainage figures in too. That's why I'm keepin' it on the porch.

I was able to take the pups to the high school field both days and boy, were they happy!! They ran and ran and jumped and jumped until they couldn't go anymore. They are looking very shaggy though so I'm hoping to get them into the groomers this week.

This afternoon H and I went out to the garden to plant what we bought yesterday. Things were looking ok out there except it looks like my potato plants got zapped by that last frost. They are starting to come back a little but I don't know what will happen from here. I'm hoping they make a comeback. The onions were doing well and so were the radishes and the carrots are finally starting to come up.

So, today we planted 7 different kinds of tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers, green beans, some white onions, some more broccoli, zucchini, some marigolds along the front edge, and a little herb garden of parsley, chives, thyme and rosemary.

Now I'll be praying there is no frost in the next two weeks. This next week the temps should be fine. The lowest I saw was in the mid 40's and that should be ok. We are supposed to have rain tomorrow and Tuesday and then temps are supposed to be really warm, in the 70's. That will be good news for the garden.

I really hope things will do well out there. When I was digging holes for the tomatoes I ran across many worms so that is a really good sign.

The lettuce on our porch is doing great! We had some of this for dinner tonight!

In other news, Amber, Andy and Quinn spent the weekend in NYC. Amber really wanted to go there as an early Birthday trip and to visit some friends she hasn't seen in a while, most of whom haven't met Quinn yet. She was having a picnic lunch in Central Park on Saturday and I'm sure many of her friends were able to come by to say hi. I can't wait to hear how Quinn liked NY. I'm hoping they got some really good pictures of her.

No news from Tyler this weekend. I'm hoping that means he was off having some fun. A friend from Hawaii was supposed to be there visiting another friend so he was planning to spend some time with them. It sounds like his school is going well and he has a little free time every day to prepare and finish his online orientation. (Update: I finally did hear from Tyler. It's Monday morning there and he's at school but he had a nice weekend, including seeing Robin Hood in a Korean theater. He said it was a nice theater and had Korean subtitles.)

Scott also had an exciting weekend. He got a new job. He hasn't been making much money at his current job as business has been off and he's been sent home early many nights. This is another bar-back job but it's a new restaurant/bar and two of the bartenders are former waitresses at Mr. B's and they say they are making much more now at this new place and they recommended Scott for the job. It's more hours (and days) and a bigger cut of the tips so hopefully he can make some money this summer. He hasn't heard from SCAMP so it doesn't look like he will get that job. There is a new Director this year who doesn't know him so who knows how they will pick people for this year.

So, that's it for the weekend. I crossed a lot of things off my to-do list but I still have to clean my aquarium tonight. I got some new fish a couple weeks ago and I don't want to poison them by not changing their water often enough.

Have a great week!

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