Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day, one of my two favorite days of the year. In the old days, when the kids were little, Mother's Day always started with breakfast made while I was still in bed. These days I'm always the first one up and I usually make my own breakfast. This morning I made mine and H's too. Scott was up late last night working so he missed breakfast altogether.

Shortly after breakfast Amber called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. They were already out and about on their way to celebrate her first Mother's Day. Amber's card made me cry, Quinn's card made me smile and Scott's card made me laugh. Amber told me that my gift from her and Tyler was a mani/pedi at my favorite salon/day spa. Talk about your spoiling! I usually do my own manicure but a pedicure is really something I appreciate.

Another tradition we used to have when the kids were little was going to my favorite nursery and picking out some flowers to put in pots, hanging baskets and flower beds. Today it was just H and me but I found lots of things I wanted. I bought flowers for my hanging baskets

Flowers for my porch pots

More porch lettuce plants

Scott planted these for me. Even though he doesn't enjoy planting I told him some time in his life time he may have to raise his own food, who knows. It would be a good skill to have some day, just in case!

And the rest will be used when it's a little warmer for my window box on the back deck. There's also a tomato plant in there and some marigolds for the garden but that will have to wait a couple more weeks.

Unfortunately last night and tonight there were/are frost/freeze warnings so I can't put anything out yet. Even the ones on the porch have to be pushed way back out of danger.

The usual warning here in this part of Michigan is not to plant until after Mother's Day. I've planted around then a few times but it's really best if you can wait another couple weeks, more towards Memorial Day, even after if possible. You just never know what Mother Nature has up her sleeve!!

Today Scott and I also went out to the garden to check on things as we had a real downpour on Friday and I wanted to make sure things hadn't washed away. Sorry, no pics as we discovered my camera battery was dead after we got there. The tops of my potato plants looked a little nipped but hopefully they will recover. Everything else (well, my onions and broccoli) looked fine. My radish seeds have even come up and seem to be doing well. No carrots yet, though I thought I saw one or two little sprouts peeping through. Today I took out a couple snow pea plants and planted them. They can stand the cold weather and should do fine.

Not much other news. Friday after school we had a meeting to discuss the layoffs. It was nothing more really than I had already heard except there was some discussion about filing for unemployment, etc. Sadly there were a few women there who were quite upset about being laid off and really couldn't quite grasp that there is next to no hope that they will be called back, even though the Director specifically said that this wasn't like past years when they had laid people off and called them all back. At best, maybe 3 or 4 people might be called back if other people retire or refuse jobs offered to them in the Fall. They would have to call about 15 people back for me to be called so I'm not holding out any hope. I'm moving on. Maybe I will file for unemployment though, who knows. I guess it depends on how hard it is to find a job once I start looking. The one thing I did find out that I wasn't too happy about was that my sick days will be cut in half and I will only be paid $25 for each one. That didn't seem right somehow. I'm gonna have to take another couple mental health days if I can before the end of the year.

Quinn is starting to feel a little better. She was so sick last week with another cough/cold. Amber had this picture on her blog and it just broke my heart!

Then today she posted this one from yesterday and she looks much improved! Just look at that adorable little smile! In jut a few short weeks we will get to see her again and we can't wait!

I talked to Tyler a few times last week. He's getting settled in his new place and at his new job/schools and things are going well. He has also started a blog now so I can actually read more about what he's doing and put it all together with the pictures he's posting! Exciting stuff! Pretty soon everyone in my family will have a blog and we won't ever have to talk to each other!! Ha! Just kidding! Although with Tyler right now it's WAY too expensive to actually talk to him. We are going to try g-chatting or skype soon though. I want to actually "see" that he's doing ok. It's been hard though because when he's getting up, I'm going to bed, on the weekends anyway. He did a little exploring this weekend and managed to find a good grocery store and department store nearby. Seeing pictures of the place really put my mind at ease because it looks clean and not too sketchy.

Here's what H had been doing this weekend.

Playing with his new "toy". He FINALLY got a new cell phone. His old one had seen better days! It is really cool too, so many really great features. Technology is so amazing. He can actually write on it like a note pad with a stylus. It will probably take him a few weeks to find out all it can really do. Thankfully his company is paying for it so we won't have that bill. I'm sure it's gonna be way more expensive than his old one since you can check e-mail and all that fancy stuff with it.

My poor pups didn't have much fun this weekend. I did manage to take them to the high school field yesterday between rain showers but I was worried that Charlie would hear a clap of thunder and take off on me. He spent most of Friday shaking and panting because thunder storms rolled through pretty much all day. Today Scott took them both for a walk for me and now they are happy.

Guess that's all the news for this week. The weather this next week is going to be mixed. Not that warm, rain a couple days, highs in the 60's but hopefully we have seen the last of the frost. I am anxiously awaiting planting time in the garden and trying desperately to keep the few seedlings I have started alive. They are all down in the basement in a sunny window and unless I have a reason to go down there I forget all about watering them! Not good. One day the banana pepper plant I have down there was quite wilted. Thankfully it has come back now and a pepper has even started on it. Soon it will be soaking up the summer sun! Hurry up end of May!!

Have a good week!

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