Monday, May 31, 2010

Great Weekend!

What a great but busy weekend we had! It started Friday when we arrived in Muskegon to spend a couple days with Andy's family. Amber, Andy and Quinn had arrived a few hours before us, his sister Katie was there with her 3 children, his other sister Kerry and her husband arrived shortly after we did and his younger sister Molly arrived after we all went to bed! We spent the afternoon in or around the pool. The water was a little cool but Quinn loved it! It was her first pool experience.

Here she is taking a little break.

The little family.

Chillin' with Granddaddy H on the porch.

She wasn't napping much but I managed to get her to sleep for 15 or 20 minutes.

Amber's friend Nicole and her boyfriend and his son arrived a little bit later.

We were all treated to ribs and salads for dinner.
Saturday was another day spent around the pool. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was so nice visiting with Andy's family. They were so sweet to invite us to spend a little more time with Amber, Andy and Quinn.

We headed home around 4:00 to get things ready for Sunday when Amber, Andy and Quinn were coming to visit us!

They arrived Sunday around 11:30 and soon after Amber and I headed off to the grocery store to grab a few things to take to our friends house where there was another pool for Quinn to enjoy! It was another gorgeous day and we all (except Quinn) got a little sunburned I think!

Quinn seemed to enjoy spending time with Scott. He thought she had grown so much since he'd seen her in January.

I was so proud of Zoe and Charlie. They were so good with Quinn. For two dogs who haven't been around kids they did great. They wanted to sniff her toes and fingers and Charlie really wanted to lick her face but he moved off when we asked him to. His barking (which we kept to a minimum) didn't seem to scare her either. They both came running if she cried or seemed in any kind of distress. The hardest thing for them was staying off Scott's bed which was where Amber & Andy were sleeping. Every chance they got Charlie was up on the bed. Zoe stayed down when asked to. They had their heads up there though trying to see what she was doing.

Our time together ended all too quickly. The weekend just flew by and they had to leave around 4:30 today to catch their flight back home. We so enjoyed Quinn's visit (Amber & Andy too) to Michigan. They said she was great on the flight over (another first: first plane ride) and I just hope she was good on the way home too. The only thing worse than listening to someone's crying baby on a plane is being the baby's parents trying to get her quiet!

Back to the grind tomorrow. I will be in serious countdown mode! We only have 4 days this week which will include the 4th and 5th grade picnics so there won't be much work those days, a full day next Monday which includes the 5th grade award ceremony and then Tuesday and Wednesday are half days! Then I am officially unemployed. Let the closet cleaning begin!!!

Have a great week!


Lynilu said...

What fun! Isn't a new baby in the family rejuvenating? I'm glad you had such a great time. :)

Tyler Mitchell said...

Good post Mimi, wish I could have been there. Love ya

Deb said...

It was fun Lynilu! She is an absolute doll and joy. We did have a wonderful weekend. Thanks!

Thanks Ty. Wish you could have been here too. I miss you. xoxo