Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Wish I Could Say...

That the whole weekend was beautiful, including the Friday I took off as another mental health day. But no, can't really say that, however today is absolutely gorgeous! A perfect Michigan pre-summer/feels like summer day!

I did take Friday as another mental health day, probably the next to last I will take. It rained almost all day, hard at times, drizzle at other times, but most of the things I had to accomplish were inside things anyway. The day started with a trip to the groomer for the pups. They were so excited, until we actually got there!

From there I went to the eye Dr. and almost two hours later I was more than $300 poorer and had my new glasses ordered. And I have insurance, and so does H, two insurances, working together and I still have to pay more than $300 for new glasses. And this was a discounted amount! The first price she gave me was almost $500! I was all, I'm sorry, I can't pay $500 for glasses and just what the heck is my insurance paying, may I ask? She had just arbitrarily added on a few things for me, assuming I wanted them like anti-glare, the best lenses, etc. No, I want the minimum, just some glasses that I can see out of and don't make me look like an old hag! Can we just try that?? I find the problem with trying to pick new glasses is that when I'm trying them on and trying to check myself out, I can't really see all that well. Kinda makes it hard to see if the glasses really look good or not. And then you are pretty much just trusting this person who doesn't even know you to tell you that yes, those glasses look great on you! Of course she's going to say that. She's trying to sell me some freakin' glasses!

My next stop was at the Secretary of State's office because I wasn't able to just reapply for my driver's license through the mail this year. I had to go in person, show my social security card and have a new picture taken. That took all of 10 minutes and I was thrilled and out the door! My new license will arrive in the mail in about 10 days, perfect!

From the SoS I headed home for a quick lunch and just about the time I finished that the groomer called to tell me my beauties were ready to pick up. And beauties they were! Just look at them!! She really took a lot off of Charlie and he desperately needed it. He was lookin' pretty shaggy!

But look how pretty they turned out! So much better.

Here they are, concentrating really hard on what I'm saying. I think it was something about a cookie or walk or somethin'.

Here's where Charlie heard the refrigerator door open. Notice Zoe still focusing on her Mama. What's that Mama? Did you say something about getting me a cookie?

Oh yea, I heard that, a cookie. Good job Zoe, never even blinked!

Saturday was another rainy day. I wasn't actually too sad about the rain because when I went out to the garden on Wednesday to water my newly planted veggies, I was met with the news that the pump was broken. That rain was just what saved me from having to lug water out there and carry it out to my plots by hand. So, I couldn't complain on this day about the rain. Besides, it gave me a chance to do some laundry, make pasta salad, catch up on my blog reading and other fun stuff. Oh, but I almost forgot. We did see this little cutie!

It's a little gosling. It ran out from behind the house across the street, got caught by the dogs across the street, we thought it was dead but it was only playing possum, then ran like heck to the front of our house. This is where he was when the picture above was snapped.

Then I herded him to the back yard in hopes that he would catch up to his parents again. Never a dull moment her in suburbia!

Today is another story! It is absolutely the perfect day. Sunny, light breeze, low humidity, warm, probably in the low 80's. Although this is how the day started out.

It was quickly gone though and the rest of the day was perfect. We started with a ride out to the plant nursery in the mustang. It was a good day to have the top down. From there I took the pups up to the field.

They really wanted to run but didn't last long as it was really HOT out in the sun. They were both draggin' by the time we walked back to the car.

We started to take a short cut through the woods but just a little way in the trail turned to nothin' but mud so we decided to turn around and head back out.

Then as a treat, since they were both panting like crazy and seriously hot, I decided to dig the old pool out from under the deck so they could cool down. Plus Zoe had decided a mud puddle was a good place to cool off while we were up at the school and she was a mess.

Even Charlie went in this time without any hesitation. He won't lay down like Zoe does but he was having him some good old fashioned fun!

After that H and I went out to the garden to see how things had faired this week and if they had enough to drink with all that rain!

Things were lookin' good.

The radishes are growing really well. I'll have to thin them out soon. I hate that job! I want them all!

My potatoes have made a recovery. They were nipped pretty badly by the frost we had a couple weeks ago but they are growing back really well.

This is one of the first broccoli I planted. It's doing much better than the others so far.

This is the view of plot 1. Things are doing well. I transplanted the pumpkin vine I'd been nursing along in the basement. It will have lots of sunshine and warm temps this week so we will see how it does. While we were out there we checked on the pump situation and it looks like they've managed to fix it which was good news. No hauling water in our future!

In other news, Tyler had a three day weekend so he and a couple friends took a bus/train trip to Seoul for the weekend. He said he had a good time walking around and even visited a Palace. Can't wait to see those pictures! He's also excited because his first real pay day is this coming week! Just in time too as his loans are already starting to become due!

Scott started his new job last night. Well, the training part anyway. He works two days this coming week and he can really use the money. I sure hope he's gonna like it.

We are all really looking forward to Memorial Day weekend next week! Amber, Andy and Quinn will be flying to the West side of the state on Friday to visit Andy's side of the family and they have graciously invited us to come also. They are going to have quite a houseful by Saturday morning as 4 of their 6 children will be there with spouses and children. Quinn will finally get to meet her last Aunt and cousins! She's already met the rest of her Aunts and her Uncle. Then AA&Q will come back to our place and wind up the weekend on the East side of the state, including visiting some friends here. Should be a great time and the weather is supposed to cooperate which will add to the fun. We are hoping to give Quinn her first ride on the Mustang.

But first I have to go watch the finale of Lost! I hope I can figure out what the heck is going on.

Have a good week!

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