Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Showers...

After a week of pretty decent weather: temps in the high 60's, sunshine, weather you just want to get outside to, weather you are just thankful it's a 10 minute drive home on your lunch "hour" (really 40 minutes) just so you can get outside and feel the sun on your face and breath in a little fresh air because the rest of the day you are cooped up with a bunch of stinky little bodies in classrooms sealed shut because the teachers get "cold" if they so much as feel a little draft on them! Then the weekend arrives and it's rainy, cold, gray. Crap. I'll be glad when I can stop writing about the weather and yes, I know you will too!

Last week was our school talent show. Dress rehearsal was Wednesday night and I had been enlisted to give two little 4th graders a ride there since their parents work and couldn't. Dress rehearsal was exactly what it was supposed to be: a chance to work all the bugs out so the real show would go off without a hitch. And mostly it did. I wanted to go Thursday night because I knew the staff was performing to Thriller and couldn't wait to see them. They didn't disappoint. The staff number is always performed last because it always brings down the house! They were awesome.

They had definitely done some shopping at Goodwill or Salvation Army and their costumes were great! The next day at school the whole show is performed again for all the kids/staff who couldn't attend but it's never as good as the real show. The staff did dress up but not with full makeup and hair. The kids loved it!

I'm having mixed emotions on the next topic. Good news, bad news. Tyler received his travel/work Visa on Friday and he will be on his way to South Korea on Wednesday, April 28. How exciting for him. A new job, new country, whole new world. He's busy packing and selling off the last few items he has to his name like his desk top computer and bed. I'll be worrying about him until I hear from him again and the worst part is I don't know when that will be. His cell phone won't be working and he won't have access to a computer unless he can find an internet cafe or borrow someone's. I'm just hoping it doesn't take him too long to do that. He still has a few logistics to figure out. He will be arriving there around 10:00 at night and doesn't know if he will be going straight to his apartment or maybe have to stay in a hotel that first night. He tells me that there is an orientation and training period for the first week or so and won't actually be in his school for a while. Rather I should say his "schools". He will be going between two elementary schools. The area he is going to is a seaport in the far south of Korea and it sounds like a nice area, a little warmer than Seoul and cities to the north. I know he will be happy about that since he's so used to warm weather after 3 years of living in paradise.

Please keep Tyler in your thoughts as he travels to Korea and begins this exciting new chapter in his life!

The rest of the weekend has been spent doing the usual, laundry, cooking dog food and dog cookies. I managed to take the pups to the high school soccer field for a little while yesterday between rain showers. They really enjoyed getting out and running. Charlie heard some random noise and took off for a little while but he eventually came to his senses and came back after a few minutes.


Last night around 11:00 I opened my Yahoo email, an account I only look at every few days and there was an email from one of my Bunco girls saying an acquaintance of ours had passed away unexpectedly. I had received a call from my bowling partner, Judy, Thursday night, a message I didn't check until Friday morning and when I tried to call her back Friday night there was no answer so I left messages. At that same time she was apparently attending his viewing and the funeral was Saturday morning so I missed it all unfortunately. When I talked to Judy this morning she said he had a cold recently, nothing more, but apparently had died from a massive heart attack. So sad. He was only 52 with a lovely wife and two kids, well, young adults really, one 22 and the other 20. Such a nice family and such a shame. I definitely need to get my Bunco girls my current email address!

So, there's the week in review. I'm taking another "mental health" day later this week. The weather man says the sun will be out that day and I'm definitely going to try to enjoy it! I hope to get out to the garden to see if this rain has helped my potatoes and onions.

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