Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls, Snow and Christmas Letters...

So, it's back to work tomorrow. It's been nice to have the time off but it goes by so quickly!!

I made these cinnamon rolls for breakfast yesterday with the leftover dough from the rolls I made at Thanksgiving. They turned out pretty good! Next time I'll make a half batch of the dough and it will be enough for both rolls and cinnamon rolls without so many left over! The leftover dough made two pans. One pan too many.



I took my pups to the park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Today we made it just before the rain came in. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. One out of 5, that's all we get. And we had snow on Friday. I tried to take pics but it was a pretty light snow, didn't stick to anything, just flurries. It's coming though, oh it's coming!

I got some funny pictures of the pups yesterday. They were so full of energy. Jumping and twisting all over the place.

Today I did some more online shopping and I think I'm just about finished up. All I have left are some stocking stuffers to buy and then wait for all the things I ordered to come in the mail, delivered right to my door!! How easy can it get?

I guess soon I'll have to start decorating the inside of the house. H and Scott got the lights put up on the outside. The sun was out yesterday so it was a good day for outside work. Maybe next weekend I'll feel like starting on the inside. Maybe. Too bad we aren't going to Hawaii again and skipping Christmas. I wouldn't mind that at all.

I also worked on my annual Christmas letter. H informed me that it was kind of boring but other than a couple big news items, there wasn't all that much to talk about. We didn't do that much after our fabulous Hawaii trip!

It's gonna be a slow news week or two or three. We are supposed to have some snow later this week. The sticking kind. Now that's some exciting news, for these parts anyway! Have a great week!

I'll leave you with this exciting video of the pups playing frisbee! I'm not too good at throwing and filming at the same time so bear with me! Enjoy!

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