Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer Weekend

We have finally been rewarded by Mother Nature for the last month of crappy weekends by a beautiful, warm Indian Summer weekend. To top it off, Amber has been home with us since Thursday night. She didn't get home until after 10:00 but H and I both took Friday off so we would have plenty of time to spend with her. This was the first day I've taken off work since this time last year so I didn't feel guilty at all. I made sure I had someone in to work for me so I didn't have that to feel guilty about either.

Before I get into our lovely weekend though I have to brag, just a little. Wednesday night is obedience class for Charlie.

He's one of the older dogs in the class but there are several who have been to class before, like he has. One in particular is a woman at work who has a Goldendoodle who's about a year or so old and very obedient. She can put Charlie to shame in many areas. Wednesday night the instructor decided to put us all into a little competition on heel and then when we stopped the dog had to sit, immediately. First you could tell the dog to sit and give them a jerk on the coller. The next time we could only say sit. Then finally you just had to stop and wait for your dog to sit. In the past I have trained Charlie to sit if I snap my fingers which gave me an added advantage that night. After several rounds and many dogs being eliminated it was down to just Charlie and the Goldendoodle, Emmy. I was dreading this final round because I thought for sure Emmy had it in the bag. We walked, heeling, we were told to halt and I snapped. Charlie sat and Emmy threw a little fit so Charlie won the competition, the give-away leash and we both got a lovely round of applause!! Charlie, the pup who never took the spotlight in obedience class finally won something! What a moment! This week we've been working on stay and recall. He's very weak in this area and at the last obedience class he was the worst in the class at sit-stay. I don't really expect to win but I would at least like him to be able to do it!

Anyway, back to the weekend. Friday Amber had to work for a while so we didn't really get started until after noon. First we went to a nice deli for lunch and then we hit the mall for a little shopping. I bought the baby a couple board books, a towel and wash cloth and some cute little socks. By the time we finished shopping no one felt like cooking so we just got a hot 'n ready pizza for dinner.

Saturday morning we got moving and headed north toward Frankenmuth. Our first stop was Bronners, known world-wide for their selection of Christmas decorations. The place was a mad house. After looking around for a few minutes we noticed the check-out line which was at least 20 people deep in each line and decided nothing we purchased would be worth standing in that line and headed back to the car. From there we headed to an area with lots of small shops and within walking distance to main street where more shops were waiting for us. One place I always enjoy stopping is Bead Haven. This is one of the largest bead shops I have ever been to and if you need a bead of some type and can't find it there, it probably doesn't exist.

This was the first thing we cane upon after Bronners and eventhough we only had 3 people (I was taking the picture) we couldn't resist it.

We tried to get into Tiffany's for lunch but the place was packed and there was an hour long wait so instead we decided to head back to the car and find some place faster to eat. We drove toward Birch Run, a huge outlet mall, and spotted an Arby's and decided that would be a fine place for lunch. From there we hit a few outlet stores. Amber found the cribskirt she had been lookng for at the Pottery Barn outlet so that made the trip worthwhile. I also scored some Clinique eyeliner at the make-up outlet, another worthwhile purchase. Howard got some shoes and a new sweater and Scott got a sweater and new shirt. Everyone went home happy. We couldn't stay too late as Scott had to be at work at 5:00 p.m. We decided on Chinese takeout for dinner since everyone was worn out from all that shopping!

Today was another beautiful, warm sunshiny day. Around 12:30 H and I headed out to our garden plot. They had manure delivered yesterday and requested everyone come out either this weekend or next and put some fertilizer on their plot before it's put to bed for the winter. We were in luck as the manure was right in the plot next to mine so all we had to do was dig a trench, put the maunure in and cover it up. We also lucked out that the coordinator for the garden was out there so I could inquire about next year. I wasn't too sure that she would let me have a plot for next year since I didn't quite reach my required hours this year. She gave me a plot for next year and even said I could have an extra one if I wanted. I told her if she had an extra plot I would love to have one. Howard turned the soil and I shoveled the manure. It should be good and fertile for next Spring!

Amber and I managed to take the pups up to the high school both yesterday and today. The weather was so nice and they had such a good time. Amber took some pictures for me and got some really good shots.

Trick shot! Zoe caught this one with her back feet!! (Not really)

Charlie's doin' the Moon Walk in this one! (Not really)

Amber & Charlie

I love this shot! You can really see how they move!

Look how nicely they take turns! Zoe's turn

Charlie's turn

Zoe and Charlie love it when Amber comes home and follow her all around. It will be interesting to see how they do next year, after she has the baby. What will they do? What will they think of having a baby around? They've never really spent much time with kids, let alone babies!

Andy's been sick all weekend and then some. After several days of R&R we hear he's starting to feel better again. Sorry Amber wasn't home to take care of you Andy. But at least maybe she missed out on getting whatever it was that you had! I think you need to start taking some vitamins or something Andy! Amber's bringing you home a surprise that will make you feel much better!

We had a wonderful weekend! Hope you did too!


Lynilu said...

What a great weekend that sounds like! A beautiful pregnant daughter, shopping trips, and an obedient dog ... can it be any better?? :)

Deb said...

Yes, Lynilu, life is good! Plus the weather was great! For November that's a good thing. The weatherman said today that this time last year was our first snowfall but today it was near 70!