Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slow Time...

Things are slow right now, not much is goin' on. Mostly I'm looking forward to a short week and 5 days in a row off!! We have half days with students on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is a Developmental Day for teachers but non-mandatory for me so I'm taking it off!

I spent the weekend around the house, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Fun stuff. I made pot stickers for dinner Saturday night. I saw the recipe on someone's blog and decided to give them a try. They were labor intensive but not hard to make. We had them for dinner and then I had enough to freeze for another meal. I also baked bread on Saturday, a nice big loaf in my Dutch Oven. Then I used the Dutch Oven to soak some organic black beans I bought last weekend at the Farmer's Market. Today I cooked those up and had enough for 5 16oz. bags to put in the freezer. After that I cooked up a big batch of doggie chow for the freezer too. This batch was ground turkey, wheat pasta, lentils, green beans and peas. Zoe and Charlie spent most of the afternoon hanging around the kitchen. After that I decided to make a "Busy Day" chocolate cake. I found the recipe in Everyday Food. I had all the ingredients on hand so it was pretty simple. This recipe called for a teaspoon of vinegar. I've never heard of that before.

Earlier this week I found out that I was going to be able to get another plot in the share garden. I went down to the township office and payed and picked out my new plot. Luckily for me the plot right next to my first plot was available so next Spring I'll have a 10x20 space to garden in! H and I went out there today to mix some manure into the new plot but we were happily surprised to find out that it had already been prepared for us.

I took the pups to the high school field on Saturday and Sunday and boy were they happy. They played and ran after the frisbee until they were both wheezing! The weather was cool but not bad. Yesterday was supposed to be cloudy all day and it was mostly sunny. Today was supposed to be sunny and we never did see the sun! Typical weather forecasting for Michigan. The forecast for this week is calling for some snow flurries on Thanksgiving Day. We'll see if the predictions are on track or not later this week.

The birds were happy I filled up the feeders this weekend.

I put out this suet yesterday and was surprised to see it still hanging this morning instead of in the woods where the racoons usually leave it. Guess they haven't discovered it yet.

I miss summer. So does this Hydrangea.

Zoe was enjoying some time on the deck, checking out the neighbor dogs.

"Yea, so? That Golden is a cutie!!"

Charlie found himself a leaf on the deck and promptly ate it.

"So I need a little roughage? Is that a crime?"

Tyler has booked his tickets to come home for Christmas. He'll be getting in a couple days before Christmas and staying until mid-January. After a month in this cold he'll be so happy to get back to Hawaii! Can't wait to see you again Ty! Bring warm clothes, the few you have!

Speaking of tickets, I also booked our tickets to fly to Virginia to meet our new Granddaughter in January. Things are falling into place, plans are being made, schedules are being coordinated. It's not going to be so slow from here on out.

The Mitchells In Michigan are wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Lynilu said...

You may call it a slow time, but you've been a busy bee!

I had to chuckle t the "roughage." My dogs eat anything they find on the floor, and I swear one day one will become plugged with some odd sumptin-sumptin! I can't even keep up with them!

Deb said...

You're right, Lynilu. Even though it seems not much is really goin' on I was really busy and got a lot done! I can imagine with 5 dogs you would have trouble keeping up with them! These two wear me out, especially Charlie. He's still a big puppy even though he's 2! He's very demanding, always bring me toys to throw.