Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, Rain, Wind and other news...

I made it through another week. Kids are dropping like flies at school with either some type of flu or strep throat. Rumors are running rampant about the flu being the H1N1 but nothing has been confirmed, that I'm aware of. Kids are getting a bad headache, fever and staying out of school from 2 to 5 days! Fingers crossed, so far most of the teachers and other staff are staying well. I'm taking my Vitamin D, washing my hands at every chance and have used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer!

On Tuesday I took Zoe to the vet for her yearly check-up. She had to have blood taken for her heartworm test and get one shot. She was quite brave for both. Her weight is still good and the Dr. didn't seem too concerned about her tooth problems. There was a Rottweiler mix there, huge, and she just wanted to get at him. Crazy girl!!

Wednesday night was Charlie's obedience class. They were practicing sit-stays. The instructor was calling random people and having them have their dogs sit, stay and then calling them to them. She called 4 or 5 people and I was just praying she didn't get to me. Thankfully, by divine intervention, or the fact that the woman can't stop talking for more than 10 minutes, she jumped on to some other random thought and we were done with that activity before Charlie had a chance to show his stuff, or lack thereof. One of his weakest skills at obedience class has always been recall. He probably could have done the sit, stay but on the recall he would have run up to some other dog or something, not to me.

Friday was the day to unveil Special Ed's "surprise" costume theme. We were characters from Alice in Wonderland. I chose a talking/singing flower. It seemed fairly easy and wasn't too expensive and most of the more popular costumes were already taken. It rained all day Friday so the kids were good and crazy by the time the parties started! It got up to almost 70 degrees on Friday!

Friday night we had bowling. It was just H, Judy and me. Bill had to work. We managed to take 3 points and I bowled a 193 the second game! My average will definitely be going up next time.

Friday night the winds really started howling and pretty much blew all the leaves that were left off of the trees. It was windy and chilly Saturday night too for the Trick or Treaters. We didn't have nearly as many as we have in past years. The ones we did have were mostly older kids, junior high and even high school age. We both sat on the front porch and brought Charlie out with us. He was really being good, just watching everyone. He only barked at one person, some older kid. I thought for sure he would bark at the kid dressed like a Werewolf but he didn't. After the trick or treating was over we enjoyed a nice bowl of homemade chili that had been simmering all afternoon.

The sun finally came out today. It wasn't really that warm but if you sat in the sun long enough you could eventually get warmed up. Scott and H put away the patio furniture today. That's when you know winter is just around the corner. Scott also blew most of the leaves back into the woods.

This afternoon I took the pups to the park. They were so excited to get out. It had been a whole week since they were able to run and play outside.

Charlie really stretched out for this one!

Doesn't Zoe look so happy here?

It looks like she's biting his foot in this one! She wasn't.

They really had a good time.

Tonight we had turkey for dinner and I made these rolls. I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman. This dough was pretty old. It was bread dough that I had in the freezer for at least a year, maybe longer. It still tasted pretty good though. One little step I forgot was to grease the pan. Only the small pan stuck though. You form the dough into small balls, let it rise, then butter the tops with melted butter, sprinkle on Rosemary and salt and then bake. And I made an apple pie for dessert!

The weekend just flies by. Even with the time change and getting an extra hour, it still doesn't seem like enough time. This week we really have something to look forward to. On Thursday evening Amber is coming home for a quick visit! This will be the last time she can travel so far from home before the baby is due. We are hoping the weather cooperates so we can do something fun next weekend. I can't wait to see her and feel the baby move, finally! The last time they were here, in September, she was moving but I couldn't feel it.

Time to go get a piece of that apple pie. It's calling me, a little slice anyway.

Have a good week!

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