Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crunch Time!!!

I've been busy. I haven't had time to sit down and download pictures. But now that I'm off for two weeks I can finally find a minute to update.

Our annual Bunco Christmas was over a week ago! We had a lovely sit-down dinner at Ann's home and had lots of time to visit since Bunco wasn't played at all!

The next night was bowling. We were tied for 3rd place so we really needed to show up and bowl! Unfortunately one of our partners, Bill, had to work so it was up to Judy, H and me. We bowled our brains out and did our best and took 3 points; two games and totals. To top it off, H won men's high game and I won women's high game and Judy won the mystery pot! We were all in the money that night. Next bowling, which isn't for 3 weeks or so because of the holidays, will be position night. Not sure if we'll be playing for 1st or 2nd.

Last weekend I spent Saturday shopping which I really wasn't planning on. One of the teachers at school decided to shop for a needy student and I decided to jump on that wagon and get her some things too. I was at Old Navy by 9:30 and really enjoyed shopping for this little girl. I got lots of bargains so that made it nice too. We gave her the clothes on Monday and since her birthday was on Tuesday it worked out perfectly. Last week she wore one of the outfits we gave her every day. It was nice to see her wearing new things that were age appropriate.

On Sunday I spent some time baking cookies for our Sp Ed get-together that was held Monday after school. I was up until about 10:00 Sunday night finishing the decorating but they turned out great.

My teacher makes home-made cards so that was my gift. They are really beautiful and so time consuming so they are much appreciated. We weren't together long, maybe 45 minutes, but it was nice for us all to have some time together since we don't get it often as everyone is so busy during the school day.

I was able to take the pups to the high school both days which was nice. It was a bit chilly and we had fresh snow but they really enjoyed their time outside! There was just enough snow on the ground so that it wasn't messy but just fun.

You can see Charlie was in rare form, snagging most of the frisbee catches!!

With just one more week at school everyone was counting down. The teachers were taking no mercy though and we had a huge Science test on Monday and a Unit test in Math on Wednesday. The rest of the week was spent taking re-tests for all the kids that had failed or their grades were so low that they needed to take the tests again. Thursday we had class parties so not much work was going on in the classrooms, just holiday activities. Friday we had our Holiday Sing-a-Long which brought a packed house! By the time I got in there it was standing room only. One highlight is when the entire school performs the 12 Days of Christmas. Each grade is assigned a day and staff gets their special day too. Support staff gets the "Nine Ladies Dancing" so we all have to sing that part and dance. Not easy to do when you can barely move and are standing in front of the door but I managed! Everyone was so happy when 3:30 rolled around and we could all leave for our two week break!

On the home front, the tree is up (thanks to Scott) and the lights are on (thanks to H) and hopefully sometime this weekend I will get the decorations on.

I have managed to get the kitchen tree up and partially decorated. I just have to make the popcorn/cranberry garland.

I also got my foyer tree up and decorated. When I unpacked it this year we discovered that the cement base inside the pot had broken so H had to repair that before we could even put it up. I managed to decorate it one evening after school.

So, we have two down, (or up, depending on how you look at it) and one to go! Also on the agenda for this weekend is some present wrapping. Right now the dining room table is loaded with boxes containing presents that must be wrapped! At some point I hope to make some more Christmas cookies so they are ready for decorating later this week.

Scott finished classes last week and has already received his grades. He did well in 3 classes and managed to bring his GPA up a bit. His grade in his Math class wasn't as good as he hoped but he did pass at least.

Tyler is finished with classes as well! Really finished!! He hasn't received his grades yet but he's pretty confident he passed everything and will graduate! Hallelujah!!! Oh Happy Day!! He has the weekend to get ready to come home as his flight leaves Monday evening. He will be home Tuesday afternoon. He will definitely be in for a shock where the weather is concerned. It's been 80 degrees in Hawaii and our high today will be in the 30's. It will be good to have him home for a few weeks though.

Amber & Andy are in the middle of a snow storm this weekend. DC is getting 1 to 2 feet of snow! So unusual for that part of the country to get so much snow. I'm afraid Amber will have to postpone her shopping outing today as that region digs out! She is counting down the final weeks now before her special delivery. The nursery is pretty much ready to go, all it needs is a baby!!

Next week I don't have too many things on the agenda. On Monday morning I will take the pups to the groomer. They are really shaggy and need their nails trimmed bad. They should look beautiful for their Christmas pictures.

Santa's Little Helpers!

Then Tuesday morning Charlie has his annual check-up at the vets. It's just routine but I am looking forward to seeing how much he weighs now. I have finally managed to get some weight on him and he doesn't look quite so skinny. You can still feel his hip bones but not at much as before.

So, guess we're all caught up now. There's still quite a bit to do but I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed now that school is out. I hopefully will have enough time to get everything accomplished by Christmas Eve. I just have a few little things to pick up and oh yea, I have to shop for Christmas dinner. But hey, I have all week!! Plenty of time!! No problem!!

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