Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Under The Weather

This is what it looks like here lately. Cold, gray, snowy, icy, did I mention cold? It's been really cold!! Plus we even had a little freezing rain in there somewhere. And to top it all off, I'm feeling "under the weather" as well. Just a nasty head cold but it's taking it's toll and I have stayed home from school/work for 2 days now. I think I'll be able to get back there tomorrow though as today was a bit better.

There's not much else to report. The guys finally got our Christmas lights up on the house but we have had nothing but trouble from them! Half of 3 strings went out and when we replaced them, the new strings went out as well. Today I finally bought some "heavy duty" type lights and hopefully they will stay lit.
No decorating going on inside, unfortunately. No Christmas letter written or Christmas cards bought. I think the holiday season has just arrived before I was really ready. I have a few gifts purchased so I guess that's a start!
Tonight is puppy class again. Last week's session wasn't too impressive so hopefully this week will go better. Wish us luck!

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