Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everyone's Home, Safe & Sound

Amber & Andy made it in this morning with no delays or problems. We spent most of the day baking cookies, after a quick trip to the store for supplies. After all the hard work and a couple burned batches because we were trying to do too many things at once, we paused to wonder why the heck we go to all this much trouble sometimes. It's just so much work and expense. We felt like we spent the entire day in the kitchen!

Tyler got in around 4:00 this afternoon. He's had a really long day, leaving Hawaii around 11:30 last night, flying into LA this morning and then on to Detroit with a 5 hour time difference on top of that. He's really tired now as he didn't get much sleep on the plane. At least he'll hopefully sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow some of us will do a little shopping, some a little wrapping and all of us will do a little cookie frosting.

These are some cookies I made last week to hand out to friends at school.

Puppy Nap

Here's Scott doing what he enjoys most, playing computer games.

Zoe and Charlie waiting for us to drop something on the floor!

Only 4 more days until Christmas!!

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