Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Over for Another Year...

What a busy few days we have had. We went over to visit friends (the McGinnis') for Christmas Eve and were having so much fun that time got away from us and we missed the Christmas Eve candlelight service! Some other friends (the Henderson's) were visiting from Florida and they stopped in so we had quite a crowd.
Christmas morning we just took it easy since we were waiting for Amber & Andy to arrive later in the day. We had a nice leisurely breakfast, I did a bit of cleaning and cooking and we opened our gifts around 2:30. We received some very special gifts this year, photos Tyler had taken of Hawaii and Amber helped him print and mount in beautiful frames. I got a new cordless keyboard and mouse which will greatly contribute to my blogging, I'm sure, some new perfume which I desperately needed and lots of other wonderful gifts. Howard got lots of clothes and new cologne also.
We invited friends over for dinner and they arrived around 5:00 and we all ate until we were stuffed, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies, rolls, the whole works.

The boys were so excited about their Christmas Eve pajamas!!

Our annual Christmas Eve Family picture, minus a few family members this year!

Amber & Andy were here Christmas afternoon to open presents!

Christmas Puppies!!

Tyler liked his new camera! Now we should be getting plenty of pictures from Hawaii!!

Scott will be smelling good for another year!

Christmas is over now and I think we managed to keep it fairly low-key which was our plan. Amber and I decided that we probably over-did it in the cookie baking department as we baked 5 different types of cookies and it was alot of hard work. We decided that next year it will just be the Christmas sugar cookies and that's it!

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