Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Coming...

Well, the weather predictors are having a ball!! They get to interrupt shows with special Winter Storm Warnings every half hour!! They are actually calling it a BLIZZARD!! They are predicting anywhere from 3 to 12 inches of snow by Sunday night. When Detroit makes The Weather Channel you know it's got to be big! And today at the two groceries stores I had to go to, you would think people believed they were going to be snowed in... for weeks! There was hardly a place to park! And no, I wasn't stocking up on food to wait out the storm but I figured if I was going to be snowed in tomorrow I might as well get something done so I'm going to start on the Christmas cookies. Plus, if we do have school on Monday, I'm supposed to be participating in a cookie exchange. I only had to bake 6 dozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss cookies and a few extra dozen for family and friends.

Tomorrow I'll move on to sugar cookies that I'm making for friends at school and some rosemary foccacia bread for the luncheon we are having in the Special Ed department. So, I figure since I'm doing all this, we surely won't have school on Monday! We are bound to have a snow day!

On the plus side, the Christmas trees are all up and decorated, the Snow Babies are in their usual place and I think most of my shopping is done too.

Only a few small items to pick up next week sometime. The Christmas cards I ordered finally arrived yesterday so now those have been addressed and sent out today! Things are finally coming together and the pressure is off, at least a little.

Zoe and Charlie look relaxed so they must have finished their shopping too!
Wish us luck! I'll report back on the Blizzard when we get finished shovelling!

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