Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy Weekend!

We've been very busy this weekend. While I would like to say all the Christmas decorating and shopping, etc., is what we were working on, that wouldn't be the truth. We did get a little of that done but we also spent some time enjoying life and friends. Friday night we had bowling where we managed to eek out 3 points out of 4. We are in last place. We have never been in last place in all the years we've bowled. I could give you all kinds of explanations as to why we are in last place but it wouldn't change the fact that we are still in last place. Good thing we aren't in it for the money as we won't be taking home much this year I'm afraid. Then Saturday we went to Detroit to the Gem Theater to see a show with 11 other couples. One of our friends arranged it all, the show tickets and dinner at the theater and then back to their place. We saw a show called Forbidden Christmas which is a spoof on Broadway and the cast of only 4 and a piano player did a good job.
Today I was out early shopping a little, then took the dogs up to the high school field for a run. It had been a while since we had been able to do that. Lately it seems to either be raining, too icy or just too darn cold to go out by the time I get home from work. They really enjoyed their frisbee game today but we didn't stay long as it was still quite cold, in the high 20's only. Brrrrrrr!

Scott, Howard and I spent a little time decorating today. Scott put the tree together, Howard put the lights on and I put up the other two small trees; the Snow Baby tree in the foyer and the "nature" tree in the kitchen. I still have to decorate the big tree but I can work on that a little each day after work.
I also gave Charlie a bath today. I know he's growing by leaps and bounds but I didn't really realize how much until I tried to put him in the kitchen sink for his bath! He hardly fits in there anymore and we had water everywhere. Guess I'll have to switch to the tub next time he needs a bath!
Tyler has finals this week so he's been hitting the books all weekend, I'm sure! He will have a few days to enjoy Hawaii before he flys home on the 19th.
Scott also has finals this week and has been studying all weekend also. He has 3 finals this week and then he'll be done until next year. I'm sure they are both getting straight A's, or very close to it! With all the studying they both claim to be doing how could they get anything less?
I'm still working, just going week to week now as no one seems to know how long this gig will go. I guess I'll just keep showing up until they tell me not to!
Howard's still working on the master bathroom. He has finished all the painting but now we need to replace the light fixtures, counter-top and sinks. He's been shopping for those items and comparing prices and materials. It's gonna look great when it's all finished!

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