Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beautiful Fall Weekend

It was a beautiful Fall weekend. We didn't do a whole lot but we spent a bit of time outside both taking care of business and having some fun. Saturday Howard found himself up on a ladder after we heard an annoying knocking noise outside the window. When he got up there to investigate he found a golf ball size hole courtesy of a Woodpecker. He had to get back up there and put some metal over the hole and hope our friend finds a new home to live in. All was quiet today so that's a good sign.

We took Zoe and Charlie to the park on Saturday and high school field on Sunday. Zoe loves to get out and run and surprisingly Charlie is keeping up with her pretty well. Then I spent a little time out in the backyard with Charlie trying to capture his puppy hood! He's just as photogenic as his sister and not as annoyed with it as she has become in 3 years!

This is what Zoe thinks of all the pictures I take of her!

When I looked out the kitchen window this morning I saw a very shocking sight! This little bird was hopping around on the ground. You don't see him around here except during one particular season and, hint, hint, it's not fall.

It's a little Junco and folk lore says that you only see the Junco when it's getting ready to snow. Every year when I see him I know snow isn't far behind. And what do you know; the weather man is predicting some light snow flurries for Tuesday! The Junco tells me winter is on the way just like the Robin announces spring.

Then I saw this little guy. It's a Goldfinch who seems to have his winter feathers except for his head! At first I thought it was a Canary or something but then saw his stripes and knew it was a Goldfinch. I've just never seen one with a yellow head like this before.
With the time change everyone needed to squeeze in a nap or two this weekend. I'll spare you the pictures of Howard and I taking ours! Zoe and Charlie look much cuter.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, wherever you were!


Nicole said...

I SWEAR that last close-up headshot of Zoe, she's giving an Amber look. Seriously, those eyes....I think she learned it from her big sister. :)

Deb said...

That comment made me laugh out loud!!! hahahahaha I think I have a picture of Amber just like that somewhere. I'll have to find it and post them side by side!! xo

Nicole said...

I feel like the photo I'm thinking of was from when she was 9 or so with long curly-ish hair. It's gotta be somewhere. I look forward to a post once you find it....

See you this weekend (I HOPE!!).