Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look Who Came To Visit For The Weekend!!

Amber came to Michigan this weekend for a visit (and to meet Charlie). She flew in Saturday morning and out Sunday night.

We managed to fit in a little shopping, dinner at Mr. B's, a little more shopping and just hanging out.

Amber & Charlie got along just fine and Zoe wasn't too jealous! Zoe and Charlie are getting along great and Zoe keeps him pretty much in line. He watches her and tries to do what she does. Now if only he would stay quietly in his crate! He still does not like it in there and let's us know quite loudly.
I'm still getting up with him at least once during the night, sometimes twice. This is one of the times it's handy that I'm a very light sleeper as I hear him whine just once and I'm up and we're on our way outside. Hopefully this stage won't last too much longer and soon he will be sleeping all night.

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