Sunday, November 25, 2007

Staining, painting, cleaning and a little shopping

We were so busy this weekend! Howard especially got alot accomplished. He painted the master bedroom and bathroom this weekend. And of course when you paint you have to clean so he did lots of that too. I finished up staining the cabinets in the master bathroom which has taken about a month now. I had to finish up the door faces in the basement and have been waiting for a little sunlight to help me out. Finally on Friday I got some sun and finished up. They aren't perfect but better than they were before. Now the bathroom looks so nice we need a new countertop! Isn't that always the way? You fix one thing up and then the others look old and dingy!
I didn't go out into the crowds on Friday but managed to do a little internet shopping instead, my favorite kind! No crowds, no cold, no long lines, presents delivered right to my front door in just a few days! My kind of shopping!
I also managed to take the dogs for a couple walks and then today we went to the park for some "snow frisbee"!
So, it's back to work and school tomorrow. Howard is looking forward to the rest!

I love this picture!

Isn't this always the way? Little brother wants what big sister has!

And before we know it, he'll be big enough to get it!

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