Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Posts Lately Because....

I have a job! At least a temporary job. Actually a long-term sub job. Of course the "long term" part of it is open for interpretation, depending on whom you ask! It could be until the end of November, it could be until the end of the school year!

I got a call the week before last to work a long term sub job in special education at the same school where I used to work and since I was going in on Monday, subbing for someone else in special ed, I said I would talk to the teacher and see what the job entailed. So I subbed Monday and started working the long term sub job on Tuesday. Basically I go from classroom to classroom helping kids who have trouble keeping up in class or have trouble paying attention. It's more hours but less pay than before but if it becomes long term it will pay more. We'll see. Right now it's just good to be making some money!! With Christmas right on the door step I'm feeling pressure to have a little extra money coming in. So, that's why I haven't posted or even been able to take any pictures lately. By the time I get home at 4:00 I usually take the pups for a walk or to the park, hurry back to cook dinner, if I can muster the energy and that's it! I barely have the energy to check my e-mail.

Charlie went to the vet last Thursday evening. He's gained 3 pounds though I don't know how as he now has been diagnosed with a tape worm!! He also had another flea so the Vet wants him on flea medication because supposedly infected fleas are what cause tape worms. And of course, both dogs have to be on the flea medicine because if Zoe gets fleas then she can get the tape worms or give the fleas to Charlie! What a racket! We also discovered why his right ear is sticking up lately. Seems the tip of the ear is missing. The Vet speculates that it was possibly an injury as a newborn or possibly later in puppy life. Because of the hair on the tip of his ear you would never notice it. The Vet happened to be looking for fleas and noticed it.

See how that ear is sticking up?? We are just saying it gives him character!! He's cute no matter how you cut it. He and Zoe are getting along great. I tell people we didn't get a puppy, we bought Zoe a puppy. He wants to be with her all the time and she is so tolerant!

He lays in her bed, takes her bones and toys and she lets him. Now if only she could house-break him!! And, knock wood, he has slept through the night the last two nights!! I think that's part of the reason I was so tired going back to work last week. Besides getting up early and working hard, I was up at least once during the night to take Charlie out, sometimes twice! It's just like having a baby again and I'm getting too old for this! Thankfully this puppy stage won't last too much longer and Christmas vacation is right around the corner!!

One more cute picture for the road! Charlie says HI Andy and he can't wait to meet you next month!! Watch your toes!

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