Wednesday, October 31, 2007


While I don't believe in dressing my pups up, I do believe in celebrating!! Here are the pups posing with our Jack-O-Lantern! I don't know how professional photographers do it! They must have more cooperative models! It took me tons of shots just to get these few good ones! It's like getting both of your kids to smile at the same time!! Charlie was only interested in trying to chew on everything and Zoe just wanted to hurry up and get the picture taking over with! Or maybe she didn't like sharing the spotlight with her little brother because once he removed himself from the photo shoot she got much more cooperative!! Diva!! Don't eat too much candy!!


Nicole said...

Zoe looks like a model in that last one. She could sell pumpkin carving tools, picket fencing, or perhaps just sit there and look cute without selling anything.

Charlie is awesome.....can't get enough of him. :) Can't wait to meet him in person, perhaps next weekend?


Deb said...

HaHa!! That's a lot of selling! Maybe this could be the "October" page in my calendar next year!! I heard you will be in town next weekend. Of course we will expect you to come meet the newest member of the Mitchell clan! Can't wait! xoxo

Nicole said...

Will do my best. We're throwing a big retirement party for my dad on Saturday, so I'll be predictably wrapped up with that quite a bit. I will do my best to sneak out and come visit. :)