Sunday, October 28, 2007

Say Hello to Charlie!!

We have finally given the puppy a name, it's Charlie. We tried several others on for size but Charlie seemed to fit the best. He and Zoe are getting along really well and she's very tolerant of all his antics. While she's chewing her bone he will crawl toward her on his belly, make a cute face and steal the bone right away from her. She will even let him share her bed, for a few minutes anyway, then she's off to lay somewhere else alone. Charlie is very sweet but a lot of work. We seem to be heading outside for bathroom breaks every hour or less. When it's a nice day like today it's not so bad but we had heavy rain Friday and Saturday and that was no fun at all. I guess I had forgotten all that stuff. I have been getting up at least once during the night, usually around 2:00 or 3:00 but at least he will go right back to sleep when we come back in. I'm just hoping he's a quick learner and has this potty stuff down before the first snowflakes fly!!

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