Sunday, April 1, 2007

Another Mitchell Birthday and other happenings

Well, another Mitchell birthday this month. March 31 our little Zoe turned 3!! Admittedly, there wasn't much of a celebration, no party, no cake but I did buy her a present. This new stuffed doggy. Her old bear had most of the stuffing picked out of it so it was time for him to "retire". This new doggie has a nice squeak inside so she'll be happy with it for a while. Also, here is her newest trick. She can "sit pretty" now. I know, this doesn't seem like a difficult trick and it probably isn't for most dogs, but you have to "up " the difficulty level when you have no tail!! She has practiced long and hard to achieve this trick and she's gotten quite good at it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!! and many more.
In other exciting news, Tyler was on Spring Break last week. Spring Break in Hawaii. Doesn't get much better than that!! He and some friends took a "hop" over to the big island and spent 4 days exploring. He sent pictures of beautiful beaches, waterfalls and flowers. This picture was taken at one of the volcano's and it's still active. He sent some pictures taken at night and you can see the lava glowing. He also went to a black sand beach where the turtles came right up on the sand to sun themselves. Sounds like he had a pretty good Spring Break and now it's back to the books. Tomorrow he sees an advisor about signing up for summer classes as he's planning to stay in Hawaii for the summer and catch up a bit. He probably won't be heading back this way until September for the wedding.
Not too much else to report on the home front. Scott did have a rather nasty case of the flu earlier this week. While the flu is bad and no one wants it, for a diabetic it becomes extra tricky. He was on popsicles and Gatorade for a day or so until he could finally keep some soup down. He's back on the mend now and was back to work and school by Wednesday. He hadn't been this sick in probably 10 years so I guess we've been lucky, overall.
I only have 3 days of school this week and then we are off for our Spring Break! I'm really looking forward to the time at home to get some things done. I'm hoping for some nice weather so I can get outside and clean my flower beds out. I can see some green starting to peek through the dead leaves and flowers from last summer. Before that happens, however, we are supposed to have snow showers later this week. Good old Michigan weather, snow one day, 70 the next!! Gotta love it (or at least live through it).

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