Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sure Signs of Spring!!!

Ah, Spring!! Can't be long now until it's really here. I know the calendar says Spring but not the Michigan calendar!! All the signs are starting to show themselves. Pansies are on sale at Bordine's and I'm planting them!! Howard is out vacuuming his car and getting it all cleaned up. The ducks and geese woke me up on Saturday and Sunday morning with all their noise out on the pond. And I have seen the first little Crocus pushing through the leaves from last Fall! But the real sign for me that Spring has officially arrived is when I hear the frogs peeping on the pond and last night, for the first time, I heard them. It's such sweet music to go to sleep by. I open the window, even just a crack, so I can hear them. They will keep up their "night music" until sometime in May and then stay quiet until next Spring.

We had a pretty decent weekend here. A little rain both days but it didn't last long and the sun was out which makes up for everything. Howard had a nasty head cold this past week and missed a few days of work but he's back at it now. Scott is dealing with a dilemma. He blew his engine last week, unfortunately. He's trying to decide which option is best, fixing the car he has which will be very expensive (i.e., a new engine) or trying to save up and buy something new (new to him at least). Thankfully his very generous Grandma has loaned him her car until he can figure things out. Tyler is enjoying Spring Break in Hawaii this coming week. He's hoping to get in lots of snorkeling and maybe a trip to the Big Island. Amber is meeting with Photographers and soon Caterers to keep up with the wedding planning. I seem to be flitting from thing to thing, trying to get a few things done. This weekend I added some new fish to my aquarium. I had to remove some old ones first. They were getting a little aggressive toward all the peaceful fish in the tank and it took me an hour and a half to catch 4 stupid fish! Hopefully with them gone peace will return to the fish kingdom. Also Zoe and I managed to get in a couple walks this weekend. It's nice to be able to get out and not worry about slipping on the ice!

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