Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Break is Over

Spring Break is over and it's back to work/school tomorrow. It was nice having the time off but the weather could definitely have been better. It snowed, rained and never really got out of the 30's most days though today is a warmer 45 degrees but windy but at least the sun is out. Spring takes sooooo long to get here, as I've said before. Some people find the topic of the weather to be annoying. When you live in Michigan sometimes the weather is the main topic of most conversations. So, enough about that. I'll let you know when it warms up (probably in June). As for what's new this week, Howard has been out in the backyard chopping down trees and burning brush. It's good for him to get out since he spends most days cooped up and chained to his laptop. He had a big presentation this week and said it went well.
Amber and Andrew have been trying to find things to put on their wedding registry and also spent some time this past weekend "tasting" with one of the caterers they are considering. That sounds like a fun task!!
Tyler is back from his Spring Break but has been staying busy. I went 5 days without hearing from him and was starting to worry. He's been busy trying to find classes to take this summer. He also signed up for a Scuba class that started last week. Again, he's been so busy I haven't heard much about it yet but I hope to soon. Maybe he'll call me today (hint,hint). I haven't seen any pictures from his trip to Maui yet either. That was another weekend jaunt he took after Spring Break.
Scott has two more weeks of school until Finals. He's still driving Grandma's car and saving up for his new engine. It's gonna take some time, unfortunately. Maybe once school is out he will start looking for another job to add to his fortune. Some lessons are learned the hard way.
Now for some exciting news!! Zoe was chosen for the Puppy of the Day on She will be the "Puppy of the Day" tomorrow, April 16. The pictures they will show are from 2004, when she was just a puppy. Hence, Puppy of the Day. She was 3-4 months old in most of the pictures I sent. If you just type "" in your search bar it should take you right there tomorrow. I'm so excited for her!! Her 15 minutes of fame, or maybe it's more like 24 hours! Make sure you vote and give her all the "biscuits" you can.

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