Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!! It's quiet around here this morning. Scott spent the night at a friend's house and it's just Howard, me and the dog. Later today things will liven up a bit as I'm cooking a nice Easter dinner and my Mother will be over to share it with us later. It's very cold here today, in the 20's. We've had quite a bit of snow (for April) these past few days and it's been quite gray. The weatherman says it's not even going to be warmer until Saturday. Guess my spring break will be spent mostly indoors. I've managed to take Zoe up to the high school field a few days this week but it was extremely cold. Not just the temperature either but the wind on top of that! Can't stay out long in those temps. Just long enough to throw the frisbee 10 times and then run back to the car! Hope it's warmer where you are and you are enjoying Spring and Easter!!

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Happy Easter!