Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's the Great Blizzard of Ground Hog Day - 2011

And we lived to tell the tale! Needless to say, we had a snow day today.

This makes it official! A real blizzard!

The winds howled all night long and this morning this is what I found when I looked out the window!

It was supposed to look like this one.

It continued to snow for another couple hours.

The boys got out there around noon to start clearing the driveway. It looks like we got about 9-10 inches maybe.

These two just relaxed around the house all morning.

When most of the shoveling and snow blowing was done I decided it was time to take the pups out for some snow fun!

And more fun.

And the really fun part? We get to do it all again tomorrow! I just got the call and due to poor road conditions there will be no school tomorrow either!

I have a feeling H will try to make it to work anyway. The main roads and interstate will probably be clear enough for him to make it in.

But I'll be here, cozy and warm. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the laundry caught up, or watch a movie, or read a book, or clean something. We'll see.

Happy Snow Day!

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illuminatus!917 said...

It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.