Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Week in Review

It been an eclectic week. Tuesday after school we had out "holiday" get-together. Guess things were so busy around Christmas it got put off for a while. It was decided that a "Murder Mystery" would be a new and interesting idea for dinner. I don't mind these types of things as long as I don't have to play a part. And thankfully I was not chosen to do that. My team did not have the right answer for "who done it". Guess with all those teachers and brain power in the room it was anybody's guess would would get the right answer. I had the opportunity to catch up with a few people that I don't get to talk with very often so that was nice.

Thursday night was Bunco. Many of the Bunco girls are new Grandma's or just coming into the Grandma phase. Since this group has been together 20+ years you can imagine all the changes within the group. We have been through births, serious illnesses (one girl had breast cancer), death (one girl passed away from lung cancer about 12 years ago), raising kids, kid's graduations, kid's weddings and the birth of grandchildren. Sadly one of our girls just found out on Friday that her daughter, who was expecting twins later this summer, had lost the babies. At an ultrasound last week they couldn't detect any heartbeats and the babies were delivered the next day. This will be a tough one to get through. There are many happy and sad things to help each other through when you have 12 women who have been friends for so many years.

No bowling this week. I thought we might pre-bowl this weekend because I won't be able to go Friday night but our partners decided they wanted to bowl so they and H will just take 10 off my average. I hope we get some points because we really need them! We are bowling a tough team next week so it could go either way.

Saturday night we had tickets through H's work to go to a concert. His company has invested in a suite so they have certain weeks when they can take customers to certain events. However, no customers wanted to attend this weekend's concert so it was opened to the upper management. I didn't really want to go either but H asked me to so I gave in and went. This performer is someone I would never pay good (or bad) money to see, that's for sure! It was Ozzy Osbourne!

I actually had to google him to see if I knew or recognized any of his songs. It was VERY loud, the seats were vibrating, there was fireworks, loud fireworks, he took a hose to the audience!!! I really felt for those people in the front 10-15 rows but they didn't seem to care. My ears were ringing for hours. But at least no one set my hair on fire. Old story.

We are having a little bit of a thaw here in Michigan. The temps this weekend have allowed for a little snow melt. Today my car thermometer said 47!

I think we are actually supposed to have several days with above freezing temps so even more of the snow will melt. That's a good thing. I'm not saying winter is anywhere near over here but at least you can start to feel that the end is not too far off.

H spotted this beauty this morning. She was behind the pond in our back yard and had a friend with her. She layed there for a couple hours until the guy on the other side of the pond got his snow blower out to blow off the pond again so the kids could skate.

I had to take the pups up to the high school today. I should have yesterday but I went shopping instead. So today there was no getting around it. The drive there was awful. Zoe couldn't stop "talking". Loud "talking". I had to let Charlie out of the car and leave her there for a bit so she could get a hold of herself! Like I said, they really needed to get out.

That's right sister. We need to go to the park!

Where's that frisbee Mom??

I made sure I threw that frisbee time after time down the hill so they would have to make their way back up in the deep, melting snow. They were pretty tired by the time we were done.

He picked up a snowball with the frisbee and when he dropped the frisbee he look down at the snowball wondering where it had come from!

Now they are sleeping blissfully!

This coming week we have school Valentine's parties on Monday. The kids will be so excited it will be hard to get much teaching done. On Tuesday I will be going to training all day so there will be no teaching that day either. It will also be a short week for me because I am taking Friday off! I am headed off to Virginia to visit a special little someone!

Here she is at her first professional photo shoot trying to move the props around! This is an "outtake" so I can't wait to see the ones that turned out! Mostly I can't wait to see her. She has changed so much in just 6 short weeks. Having dinner with her every night via Skype has been wonderful but being there in person is the best.

Have a good week and a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Looks like you had very good seats for the concert - great picture!