Sunday, January 30, 2011

Head Colds and Snow Babies and Good-Bye January...

This week was fairly uneventful. The cold I had last week ended up hanging around. I went to school on Monday for my before school tutoring, went to my Monday school and tested a new student and was pretty much out of energy. I ended up going home around 10:00 and taking it easy the rest of the day, thinking that's all I would need, a little rest. Sadly that didn't happen because I was up most of Monday night coughing! Tuesday morning I just wasn't able to get going so I stayed home again and rested. By Wednesday I was able to go in as I had managed to sleep the night before but the cough is still with me. Cough drops are my friend. I was glad when Friday rolled around.

The weekend has been pretty uneventful too. Saturday was spent around the house, doing chores, reading, relaxing, cooking dog food. Finally around 3:00 I took the pups up to the high school field for a little run. The snow was deep and it was really cold! They ran around for a while until they had to stop and chew the ice out from between their toes.

Today we went back to the high school field again and it was a little nicer with the sun out but still really cold! I think the high today was 22 or 23 and with the wind chill a bit colder than that. But that didn't stop a couple Snow Babies from having some fun!
Look how deep that snow is!

I'm glad January is on it's way out. That means February is right around the corner and only another 19 days until I get to see this little cutie!

I'm heading to Virginia for my mid-winter break! Can't wait.

That means Spring is closer too, only another 49 days (plus another month or so until it really arrives here in Michigan.) However, I did hear on the news tonight that we are expecting a big winter storm this week! It's supposed to start Tuesday night and go all day Wednesday, 10-16 inches worth! Could be another Snow Day coming our way!

Have a good week!

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