Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixed Signals

So we've had very cold temps, more snow and even this!

These things are huge, probably 5 or 6 inches thick and almost 5 feet long and hanging off our roof on the south side of the house. I don't think I've ever seen them get this big before!
Then on Saturday I'm looking out the window and I spy this! (Not a very good picture) I think I was so shocked I forgot to focus. It's a Robin! He's way too early for Spring. I have no idea what he's gonna eat for the next two months! There are no worms anywhere in sight! They are buried under 10 inches of snow. Crazy!

Friday night was bowling again. We are now in 5th place and only out of 1st by 5 points. We bowled the 4th place team. The first game I bowled a 198! That's the highest I've bowled in I don't know how long. Unfortunately we lost that game by 5 pins. So sad. The second game was a tough one. None of us bowled our best games (I bowled a 105, way below average) so we lost that game by a lot. The third game we rallied and managed to pull it out by only 7 pins! We only took 1 point and have probably dropped back down in the rankings again.

The rest of the weekend has been fairly uneventful and I haven't done much. Having those two lovely snow days I was able to catch up on the laundry, I cleaned the aquarium and paid all the bills. I didn't even take the pups anywhere on Saturday. I was planning to but then it started snowing in the afternoon so I decided not to go.

Today I decided I just had to take them as they hadn't been out in a whole week and they were really happy to get out even though the snow was even deeper than last weekend.

How could you say no to this happy face?

They had a great time. The snow was really deep and they spent a lot of time hopping through it. When they were finished they were loaded with snow balls that were stuck to the long fur on their legs. Zoe spent the next hour pulling them off but Charlie doesn't really care.

We are deep into winter now and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. We are expected to get more snow this week. Nothing measurable but just more snow, inch by inch it all adds up.

They had so much fun.

The Super Bowl is on. I'm not really interested in watching it. We just finished our super bowl dinner though, prepared completely by H. We had bar-b-q pork sandwiches, cole slaw and potato skins. During dinner I was telling him how nice it was and how special I felt. He said that now I know how he feels every night! I said, yea, you are really lucky! But really, it was nice to have it all prepared and served to me and it wasn't fast food either.

So another week begins. Another week of winter. Cold, gray, snow. Only 42 days until Spring begins. 42 days and counting...

Have a good week!

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Lynilu said...

My dogs have had absolutely no interest in getting out an playing in the snow this time like they usually do. Are they feeling my own discomfort this year and letting it rule their fun? Part of me is glad (no dealing with the snowballs in their fur necessary) but the other part of me wishes they would go romp.

Yeah, what's with that robin??? Gracious, it is early and entirely dangerous for him! I feel the wild bird when there is snow on the ground, but I think that little guy's internal clock is off. 'Spose he got mixed up with the talk of new astrological signs?

And those icicles look plain ol' dangerous to me. Don't stand anywhere near them!