Monday, July 6, 2009

Beautiful Holiday Weekend

Yes, it was gorgeous. Each new day becoming more beautiful than the next and it's not over yet. We were all at home Friday just hanging around the house. The rain had finally stopped so the guys could mow the lawn!

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had an invitation to spend it at our friends, the McGinnis'. Cheryl, Judy and I walked over to the craft show first and didn't find much to buy but did manage to run into lots of people we knew and some we hadn't seen in a while.

When we got back to Cheryl's we decided it was hot enough to go in the pool and the pool was perfect.

We enjoyed the afternoon and then grilled hot dogs and burgers and waited for dark when we were able to view the fireworks right from their backyard.

A nice little pit fire kept the chill off and the fireworks were gorgeous.

Mark and Cheryl were generous enough to invite us back on Sunday as that day was predicted to be ever better weather wise. The Hoekstra family came over on that day too so we had quite a crowd.

Scott came over later and brought a friend too.

The pool was absolutely perfect and I think a few people went home with a little sunburn. All in all it was a perfect weekend spent with old friends and enjoying perfect Michigan weather!

Today it was back to work for me and Scott. Howard still had a day off and he had the house to himself (except for his two furry friends) most of the day.

Here's our little hillbilly doggie! You can't see the top row of teeth but she's got two broken off there and then one is completely gone on the bottom.

This afternoon Howard and I went out to the garden. I hadn't been since last Wednesday so I wasn't sure what to expect. We haven't really had any rain since then either but things looked pretty good. It needed to be watered and weeded so we did a little of both. The corn is knee high so I guess it's right on target. I forgot the camera so no pictures this week. It's grown quite a bit since the last picture though.
The birds have been in the yard like crazy, lots of babies too. The hummers are coming in when the feeder is full. It's not easy to keep it full though because the racoons have decided they like to take a sip in the evening before bedtime. If I don't get the feeder down before dark they are scrambling up there draining the thing! And they are leaving behind their grubby, muddy little footprints all over my nice, clean windows.

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