Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Update...

This update is on the garden though! I went out there last night and things are growing like crazy. We hadn't had rain in about 4 days so I figured it would be pretty dry.

Now that everything is getting bigger it's really looking packed in there.

Here's the broccoli that I harvested last night. It's not too full but it looks edible.

So far this one broccoli is the only thing really growing. I have seen some tomatoes coming on, some green beans and the zucchini is finally getting some flowers on it and one little green pepper is starting. It's been an unseasonably cool summer and I guess we are gonna need some serious heat before things really start growing. The community garden looks really good too. The rows are 200 feet long and the deer fence seems to be working. I did have to chase one little bunny out of there last night though and then the mosquitos finally chased me out!

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