Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lavender Festival and first harvest

Saturday morning Cheryl, Brenda and I were off to the Lavender Festival. We went last year too but they had a new location this year. They had apparently outgrown their old place and this place was bigger. Lots of craft booths, many involving lavender in some form or another. The new location was a former farm that's now used by the township for different festivals. They had a small petting zoo with chickens, rabbits, a little donkey and other small animals. The only thing they didn't have this year that last year's location had was a big lavender garden. They just planted it this year at this new location so maybe by next year they'll have a nice lavender garden.

These cute Alpacas made a repeat appearance.

They were also offering wagon rides but I just wanted to take pictures of the beautiful horse!

I bought another couple lavender plants and a tube of lavender buds. We had a nice time and left just in time because the skies were getting black and it started raining just as we were driving away!

Sunday Howard and I headed out to the garden. I hadn't been in a few days and knew it would be needing some water.

This is what we found! Another head of broccoli will be ready in a few days and the other two plants also have heads starting.

The snow peas are doing great. I was afraid they wouldn't do well this late in the year but since it's been cooler than usual they are doing great!

And then there's this! We have enough green beans and snow peas to have with dinner one night soon. And as an added bonus while we were out there another gardener was kind enough to share her harvest of basil, radishes and parsley. We had the radishes and that first broccoli harvest in our salad tonight.

The garden is really looking good but things are sure packed in there. The zucchini are finally starting to blossom and there are plenty of green tomatoes. The corn is up to my waist now and one of the pepper bushes has a pepper about the size of a ping pong ball.

One more week of summer school! Yea!! It feels like I've been working at it longer than 4 weeks and I'm glad it's almost over. I have things to do, places to go, people to see!


Anonymous said...

Those snow peas look delicious! Have you done your time in the community garden yet?

Deb said...

Sadly, no, I have only done about an hour. Hopefully when summer school is over I'll be able to get out there in the a.m. The community part of the garden looks fabulous!

Lynilu said...

I admire your gardening skills, and envy your rewards! I don't mind planting or harvesting and eating, but I don't like the huge space in between. Never did.

Deb said...

Lynilu-This is a first attempt on a bit larger scale (not just a pot in the yard). I have my own 10x10 plot but I really have things crammed in there. I guess I was a bit overzealous!