Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

Here's the corn, only a week or so of growth. I'll probably have to thin these out but hopefully I'll get enough corn for a barbeque!

The broccoli is looking very vigorous and just yesterday I noticed one of the plants it starting to show a little of the actual broccoli!

Here's the whole garden. Onions on the far left, then peppers and broccoli, then zucchini (not doing too well since a couple types of bugs have decided these look tasty) then some tomatoes and green beans on the right.

Another view of the whole garden, minus the ugly weeds it took 2 hours to remove earlier this week!

I went out there to check on things yesterday but it was just too hot and humid to stay long. Hopefully the weather will cool off next week so I can get back out there.

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