Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day & Happy First Day of Summer!

Father's Day is both a happy and sad day this year. Happy because we are able to celebrate Howard and what a great Father he is.

Amber and Andy called first thing this morning and sent a package earlier in the week so Howard opened it while on the phone with them. It was a computer mouse in the shape of a Mustang, a red Mustang, no less! The perfect gift for him. He's been driving his real Mustang around a lot this weekend. It's been hot and sunny and perfect "top down" weather. Today we drove it to Panera's where I treated him to a Father's Day lunch. Now he and Scott have gone off to a movie together. I'm sure he will declare it the perfect Father's Day right after his steak and potato salad dinner (and that call from Tyler later tonight.

Father's Day is sad because it's the first one for me since my Father passed away. I can't say we ever spent the day together but I always sent a card and usually called him to wish him a happy one. The other day while I was cleaning out an old jewelry box I found this picture of me and my Dad.

I carried this picture around in my wallet for years but finally took it out because I was afraid I would lose my wallet somehow and then lose the picture and it's the only one I have. It looks like it was taken when I was maybe 4 or 5, probably at my Grandparents house (his parents) who I was living with at the time. I look so proud, don't I? And he looks nice in his Army uniform. I wonder if I will ever stop wishing I had been closer to my Dad, that we had been able to have a close father/daughter relationship. Father's play such an important part in a girl's life. They help teach her how she should be treated by the men in her life, hopefully like a treasured, much loved blessing in their life. I know that's how Howard feels about his daughter (son's too for that matter). I do miss my Dad and hearing his voice, his upbeat attitude. Anyway, I wish all the Father's out there (and Father's-to-be) a Happy Father's Day.

Saturday morning Charlie was getting all excited about something he saw on the front porch. When I got there I couldn't believe my eyes! I kept telling Howard that my lettuce on the porch was just fine because the bunnies didn't come up there. Guess this new little guy didn't get the memo because he was up there just munching away.

We are finally having summer here in Michigan. Friday night we had a 3 hour thunderstorm (Charlie was seriously freaking out the whole time) and behind that came hot, muggy weather! We finally closed the house up yesterday around noon because everything was getting sticky; the floors, furniture. We started this morning with the doors and windows open but the air kicked on around 1:00 so we closed it all up again. The weather man is predicting mid to high 80's for the rest of this week.

Here's that loaf of bread I was telling you about Amber. We had it for breakfast this morning and if I do say so myself, I think it's the best loaf I've ever baked, not only the way it rose up but also how it tasted! Yum!!

This little wren is trying to build a nest in my bird house. I haven't seen a wren try this in a few years. His (or her) song is so loud and beautiful and distinct!

This little house finch was hanging out in the back yard today too.

This morning after breakfast Scott and Howard took the pups to the high school soccer field for some frisbee. They came back hot and panting hard (the dogs, not Howard and Scott)! I got Zoe's pool out and filled it with a couple inches of water and they both enjoyed it! Zoe gets right in and lays down while Charlie isn't quite that brave.

He stood in it for quite a while and then finally decided he would sit.

I took them to the groomers on Friday and they both look great right now.

I spotted this guy making his way through the yard on Saturday.

My flowers are taking off with this heat.

So is my veggie garden! If they were giving a prize for most weeds my little plot would definitely win! I have to get out there tomorrow and seriously do some weeding! I'm hoping with this heat that my tomatoes will finally get growing. They look like they've hardly grown at all! I'll have to take some pictures when I finish weeding. I noticed that my snow pea plants have two little pods on them and the carrots and corn have both come up from the seeds I planted. I bought some marigolds to plant around the edges of my plot but I can't even do that until I get the weeds out of the way.

I've made a small dent in my decluttering efforts. I listed 15 books to sell on Amazon and have sold and shipped 8 off so far. I also sold my old cell phone on e-bay (my first sale on there) and will get that shipped off tomorrow. I've made a few swipes at other areas

(notice anything missing here Amber?) but there is still so much more to do. I have this coming week and then it's back to work (at least part time) so I'm hoping to get a lot done this week. Sometimes I look at certain areas and it just seems so overwhelming. I am gonna have one heck of a garage sale when I get this stuff cleaned out!

Just two more pictures. They look so sweet and calm in these pictures!

Have a great week!

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