Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Deb!

This post was written by guest bloggers Amber & Andy Porter, because a gal shouldn't have to blog her own birthday post, right?

Happy Birthday, Deb! On June 7, just 29 years ago (approx.), Debra Millett was born in Long Beach, California. And she's still a California girl at heart.

She's got lots of talents and uses them all to be a great wife, wonderful mother (and mother in-law!!), fantastic teacher and mentor and caring friend. She'll no doubt make a fabulous grandmother (or Mimi) someday.

Deb spent her 29th birthday as she has done for the last several years -- on the SCAMP house tour with her friends Natalie and Loretta. Natalie even fought a case of bronchitis to celebrate with her. Before that, Scott brought her morning coffee (now just learn how to cook some eggs, Scott!) in bed. No doubt the dogs were right there too, they're always close by. They love Deb so much, even when she does things to them like this:

Last but certainly not least, Howard gave her a gift certificate to a day spa, to get a luxurious spa pedicure, and some other treatments. Good timing, just in time for sandal season (and the end of the school year, where she's on her feet all day!)

Mom, your gift in the mail (sorry it's late!) but as a consolation prize, I found these sites for you -- just bookmark this one and this one and come back in 26 years!

We love you mom!!!
Amber & Andy

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