Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Garden is In!

Saturday morning I headed to the Farmer's Market again to pick up a couple things for the garden. I was looking for burpless cucumber plants but had no luck there. I was also looking for Rosemary plants and did find a couple of those. I was in and out of there pretty quick and the only other thing I bought was a couple dozen brown eggs. They were huge and cheaper than the grocery store eggs.

It was a beautiful day here so I spent lots of time out in the yard or on the deck. I watered my potted plants and flower beds and planted a pot full of sweet peas. Last year they didn't do so well so we'll see what happens this year. I also harvested some wonderful lettuce that we had for dinner. We've had at least a half dozen salads from the porch garden now. It's too bad the lettuce and tomatoes don't ripen at the same time though. By the time the tomatoes come in the lettuce will be long gone.

Last night we watched the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It was dark alright. I guess I'm just not into Batman movies. It's always just a sad story and the hero never gets the girl. No happy endings. I like a happy ending.

Today was the big plant day out at our garden plot. Since I was out there last week they have put up the deer fencing. I thought it would be just really tall fencing but instead it's only about 3-1/2 feet high and electrified! Yikes!! Not only is it electric, is very close to my little plot. I thought I was being smart to take the end plot but then they put the fence so close to my plot that you can't walk on the side of mine as it's too close to the fence line!

We got it all planted though and hopefully things will grow well. The only thing I didn't plant today was the corn as I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not or if I would have enough room. I'm only going to plant a few stalks, between 9 and 12. Today we planted several types of tomato plants, 11 plants in all, green peppers, broccoli, green beans, red and white onions, cucumbers, snow peas, zucchini, garlic and carrots. When we finished planting I had to take my watering can over to the hose since the hose doesn't reach to my plot and water everything in by hand.

Hopefully I can get that problem resolved so I don't have to haul water all summer. Rain is predicted for tomorrow so at least that's one day I won't have to water!

When we got home from planting I took the pups up to the high school field for a little frisbee. They were so full of energy but the heat soon took it out of them so we didn't stay there for long. Charlie came back with grass stains on his paws after a couple crazy jumps and rolls! No new pictures of them this week though, I forgot the camera.

Tyler is moving today. Seems his old gang is breaking up. One roommate is coming back to the mainland to go to law school and since it was taking the other roommates too long to make up their minds what they wanted to do, Tyler had to make a change and found some other people to move in with. He's moving over to the other side of the island, to Kailua, which will be closer to campus so that will be good for him travel-time wise. It won't be as convenient to stores and shopping and restaurants as living in Honolulu but the beaches on that side are nicer.

This will be our last full week of school. Next week we only have 3-1/2 days with kids and a day and a half of clean up. Tomorrow I am meeting a former student (and her boyfriend) for dinner. We had this little girl in kindergarten and tried to support her through her elementary years and early middle school time, spending time with her and going to her dance recitals, etc. We lost touch about 5-6 years ago when she moved to another town and just recently she contacted the teacher and through her, contacted me. She had moved to Georgia but is back here visiting. It will be so nice to see her and see what kind of young lady she has turned in to. I think the last time I actually saw her she was in 7th or 8th grade. She just recently turned 18 so that's quite a change.

Have a good week, two faithful readers!!

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