Monday, May 25, 2009

Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend...

It was a busy week and weekend here in Michigan. Howard had the week off since his company was shut down for the week so he decided to use the time to see some sites here in our beautiful state. On Tuesday he and Scott took the Mustang and headed up north and I mean, way up north!

They were headed to the UP to mine some copper. It took them 9 hours to get up there so the first day was all about travel.

The next morning they got up and headed to the mine.

They got all kinds of copper and enjoyed their trip.

They spent another night up that way on the way back home.

On Thursday they made it to a Tiger's game so I'd say they had a nice week. Meanwhile I was at work, counting down the days (11-1/2) left of school.

We were expecting Amber to visit this weekend and she was scheduled to come in Saturday evening. Saturday morning I spent the morning going out to visit my share plot in the comunity garden. It's a beautiful site and once the deer fence is up it should be a wonderful space to garden in.

This will be the community garden portion.

This is part of the share portion. My plot, which I picked the day after these pictures were taken, is just to the right of this line of plots. There are 20 in this row and then another 20 to the right of this row. My plot is the first one so that I can take advantage of 3 sides rather than two as it's on the corner of the row.

My plot is just to Howard's right and in the back row there.

After that I made a trip to the local nursery to pick up some more flowers and veggies for the garden. When I returned home there was a strange car in my driveway with Illinois plates. I couldn't figure out who the heck was at my house. Then who came out the door? Amber! She had arrived early and surprised me but the bigger surprise was inside; she had brought Andy with her!!

She had told me he was working all weekend and couldn't make it! How nice. We had a pleasant couple of days, bar-b-queing, driving in the Mustang with the top down to get ice cream, going out to dinner at Stir Crazy, a little shopping (nice 20% discount coupon), a little time at the park with the pups playing frisbee,

and lots of deck time as the weather was gorgeous. On Monday they drove over to the west side of the state to visit Nic and Andy's parents for a couple hours. They left this morning around 4:00 a.m. to catch a 6:00 flight and then go to work! It's going to be a long day for them.

Howard's back to work today but I have the day off. Today was a non-mandatory Developmental Day which means the teacher's had to work but para's and other support staff can choose not to. It's one of our two non-mandatory days so it's nice to have it off! That means we only have three work days this week! Yea!! These next few weeks are going to be so busy at school. Lots of end of the year activities like Field Day, class picnics, testing, etc. Then it will all be over. And what seems like endless time until school starts again will speed by and it will be over before I know it!

I saw this beautiful butterfly from the deck enjoying the blooms on our cherry tree.

This is how the pups spent the evening after a trip to the field to play frisbee.

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