Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a very nice Mother's Day for me. It started early with Scott taking the pups out of my room before they could get me up. He took them out and fed them so I could sleep in until 8:00! That's late! He also made and brought me my coffee!

Amber and Andy called in the morning and I opened my gift while talking to them on the phone. It was a box filled with lots of things I love like purple socks, face cream, new kitchen towels, healthy bread mix and a treat of a chocolate bar which I'll make last a month! She's so thoughtful. Thanks Amber and Andy, I love everything.

Later in the morning Tyler called. I promised him I would put a picture of the beautiful flowers he sent on here. The roses are gorgeous and they smell wonderful too. Sometimes those roses don't have any smell but these did. And they are really beautiful. Thanks Tyler, they are gorgeous and I love them.

After breakfast we headed out to work in the yard. This is my favorite Mother's Day tradition and though my kids didn't always like it they always helped me. It's the day to pull weeds and get the flower beds ready for planting.

In the past they even helped me shop and plant but this time we are waiting for mulch which will be delivered later this week before we plant too much.

I did put in a few tomato plants which I knew could be a mistake and sure enough, they are predicting a frost warning for tonight so I'll have to go out and cover them in a little while. Hopefully we won't have too many nights like this. I also planted my porch pots but they'll be protected by the porch roof.

In other weekend news, Friday night was our Fun Night for bowling and our night to pick up the trophy and our winnings. Look at this fabulous trophy!

It's ours and our partners for a whole year. We have to get our names engraved on there too. We only had 3 people on our team and the team we were supposed to be bowling didn't show up so we finished really quickly and then had to sit around and wait for everyone else to finish up. Finally it was time to pass out the money, all $126 to be divided between us and our partners. It was a little more than we had to pay for dinner at Outback that night. So now the season is over and we're officially done but we have been invited to bowl in a tournament next weekend. It's for the top 4 winners of all the leagues that bowl at this bowling alley. There's a $1,000 first prize though I'm sure there's no chance we'll win first place. There are other prizes too so who knows, we could win something.

I took the pups to the high school field both days so they were happy. Charlie wasn't feeling well earlier in the week so he's been on a special diet all week of rice and ground beef but I think he's over it now and feeling better. The vet tells me to give him Pepcid AC when his tummy is upset so that's what I've been doing. Who knew dogs could have acid indigestion?

I am typing this on my early birthday present. After much research I decided that instead of a laptop I would get a netbook. It's a lot smaller than a laptop, lighter weight and only has a 10 inch screen. You could probably put it in a purse, if your purse were big enough.

It's perfect for my needs of just emailing and web searching and reading blogs. It's got a really long battery life which is nice so I don't have to worry about plugging it in all the time. I really like it and it's cute too!

So it turned out to be a nice weekend. We accomplished a few things, had a little fun, and as usual, it's over too quickly.

Have a good week!

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Anonymous said...

Great trophy!!! Congratulations!