Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Weekend Was Off To a Good Start...

Friday night was our last bowling night. We were in first place by only 1 point so we knew going in we had to start out tough and keep on the pressure. We won the first game by 43 pins which was a good start. The second game was a little tougher as they stepped it up a bit. Unfortunately I didn't bowl my average that game which would have helped but we ended up losing that game by just 2 pins! That made us all the more fired up and we bowled like crazy the last game and took the last game by more than 80 pins, securing first place with no problem! We bowl again in two weeks, our Fun Night, and then we'll get our fabulous trophy and winnings! We have one first place before and our partners have won, with other partners, but this is our first win together. It felt great!

Saturday morning dawned sunny and warm. I ran out to the plant nursery to buy my lettuce which was finally in.

My lettuce I planted from seeds a few weeks ago is also doing nicely.

I also planted the herbs I bought last weekend

but the tomato and pepper plants are sitting in the kitchen windowsill for another few weeks because I doubt we've seen the last frost, not this early.

I also planted some onion seeds and garlic. I've never planted garlic before so it will be interesting to see if it comes up.

Here are a few other things coming up around the yard.


Day Lillies and Daffodils


So after I got all that planting done the sky started darkening and before we knew it a storm was upon us. The wind blew hard. So hard it knocked over all our patio set chairs that Scott had just placed on the deck. But the worst thing to come out of that storm was that we lost our power. That's never good. We waited and waited and waited. Nothing. I finally fixed us some sandwiches though I hated opening up the fridge and letting any warm air in there. The only good thing I can say about losing power is when we do at least we don't lose water. We have city water and it's heated by gas so we can use the toilets, showers, wash dishes, etc. I managed to read a book by candlelight but finally gave up around 11:00 and went to bed figuring for sure we would have power back during the night sometime. In the morning there was still no power. Around 9:00 a.m. our neighbor came over and offered to share his generator power with us and we took him up on it just for the refrigerator and freezer so our food wouldn't spoil. Finally around 3:00 the power came back on. Basically I got nothing done this weekend that I had planned chore-wise like laundry, cleaning, etc.

Since the ground was so wet I took these guys for a walk but after about 10 minutes it started raining so we quickly found some shelter and when it let up we just headed back home. They were none too happy and just wanted to get outside! Oh well, there's always next weekend.

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