Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess Who's Having a Birthday Today???

IT'S ZOE!! She's 5 years old today.

Time flies. Since she had to spend most of her special day at home with only Charlie for company, I decided to take them up to the high school when I got home from work for some frisbee. Her favorite thing on her big day.

At first the field just seemed a little wet, thanks to the 2-3 inches of snow we got yesterday. But as we played on it soon became apparent that it was a lot wet! This was how they looked when we were ready to leave.

Thankfully they were just a little muddy, nothing a towel couldn't take care of. Not too big a price to pay for Zoe to enjoy her 5th birthday.

Charlie was the best jumper today, at least the best I got pictures of. It's hard to throw the frisbee, get the camera up and find them in time to get the picture. I'm sure I missed a few shots. The proof of that was all the pictures I took of just grass.

At least I got a couple good ones.

Happy Birthday Zoe!!

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