Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gorgeous Spring-like Weekend...

And Spring is still a week away!! It was absolutely beautiful this weekend. It was a little cool but today was nice enough to take my sweatshirt off when I walked! I just wish it could stay this way but if you live or have ever lived in Michigan you know it won't last. It will get really cold a few more times. It will probably snow though the really heavy, long lasting stuff is probably over. It will be rainy and gray. But still, these weekends are a gift!!

Friday night we had bowling. We were in first place by 4 points. Sadly, we lost 2 games and totals and only took one point. We are now in first place by that one point. :-( I guess we all knew it might not last but we are still hoping we can keep it up. However, the next time we bowl a really tough team and they really enjoy beating us.

Saturday I took the pups up to the high school for a nice game of frisbee. They were so happy to get out after being cooped up all week long.

Today I took them for a walk up to the high school so I could get some exercise too. Sometime during the walk Charlie must have bit his tongue because he was bleeding all over himself and his tongue was bright red. Luckily it didn't last long and when we walked home it had pretty much stopped bleeding.

Here's how relaxed they were after we got home. It was a beautiful afternoon to be out on he deck.

Here's how Howard spent his day today, putting together our new media cabinet that matches the TV stand. It's nice to have a smaller matching unit. Plus he hooked up the TV to the stereo so we can have "surround sound" if we choose. Last night we watched the movie Australia and even without the "surround sound", Charlie was running for cover, shaking and panting, when they had a thunderstorm during the movie. I never noticed how many times there is a thunderstorm during a movie until Charlie and Zoe became afraid of storms.

I am seeing a few subtle signs of spring. The Muskrat is back as are the ducks. I have heard the Robins but haven't actually seen one yet. A couple brave chipmunks have ventured out of their holes too.

I knew the pansies were probably in at the local nursery so I couldn't resist getting a couple packs of those. It helps bridge the gap between the first sign of Spring and really being able to plant something without fear of it freezing which won't be until May sometime.

Howard has the Mustang off the jack stands and has been driving it all weekend. He even drove it to work on Friday. It's still too cold to have the top down but he's enjoying driving it anyway.

These little previews of Spring are going to leave us hoping for more. These next two months are gonna drag!!

Look at this face!!

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