Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Weekend of Spring

It was the first full weekend of Spring here in Michigan and it wasn't all bad. We had a mix of cloudy and sunshine and while it wasn't real warm it wasn't too cold either. Here's what the pups thought of the weekend!

They were jumping all over the place!!

While Charlie enjoys the vertical jump...

Zoe seems to enjoy the horizontal more. Sometimes she's just straight up like a big hop!

Charlie is becoming much more proficient and gives Zoe a run for it most of the time. Even if she gets it initially he manages to grab it from her eventually.

The ice on the pond is almost melted. It looks so tranquil.

We were busy this weekend but just with errands and doing things around the house. I baked cookies for both the pups and Howard and Scott. Different cookies. The pups got Cheesy Garlic Whole Wheat Cookies and Howard got Oatmeal Raisin. I also baked a loaf of bread yesterday. My "to do" list is long and I only crossed off about half of the things on there.

But could you refuse these faces? All they want to do is go outside and RUN! I can't refuse them. Plus it makes my life easier since they aren't so hyper for the rest of the day. They are both sound asleep as I write this!

Zoe loves her frisbee.

We had a nice sunset tonight. It went down fast. By the time I came in to grab the camera it was almost gone. Another weekend over so soon. I'm counting down to Spring Break. I really could use a break!

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